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Oct 3, 2013 06:36 AM

Steaks in Dallas?

I'm going to visit my 23 year old son in Dallas next week. I want to get a good steak and I've seen all the traditional men's club type choices, which might be fine but I'm wonder - is there an off the beaten path type delicious steak place you recommend? Maybe a hole in the wall place or one that's not so fancy? I want delicious and good service but just prefer something with a little more edge to it, rather than the straight up traditional. Also, if the best is straight up traditional then that's fine - just looking for direction. Thanks!

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  1. I've never been, but have heard Pappas is great.

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      Pappas Bros. Steakhouse is my favorite steakhouse in Dallas. And although very pricey, they're the ultimate great steak experience.

    2. Going a whole different direction, you could check out Charco's broiler in either Oak Cliff or Pleasant Grove. You can get a ribeye, loaded baked potatoe and side salad for under $10. Nothing phenomenal but it has the "edge" factor.

      1. Downtown, the OP might enjoy the Y.O. Ranch Steakhouse, Hoffbrau Steakhouse, The Palm, or the Dallas Chop House to name just a few.

        1. For off the beaten path, I've had great steak at Local in Deep Ellum, or you could try Rick's Chop House in McKinney (great shopping on the square). The service is great there, the food is good, and the town is well worth a visit. I have never been to Cattlemen's in FW (since 1947), but have seen others recommend it here. My impression is that it's old school.

          I like Pappas too (although my RW visit this year was an epic fail), but it is definitely a traditional men's club type choice.

          The Place at Perry's is another choice that's a little different. Nice food (if you go, be sure to get the tomato bisque), great service, and the interior's really interesting ... huge art glass chandeliers, etc.

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            I'll check all these out but he lives in Deep Ellum. Thanks everyone for the suggestions and I'm open to any additional leads.

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              That would make him very close to downtown.

          2. these may be out of the way..i have no sense of distance because I dont drive but

            I like captain nemos, beef house and the chop shop