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Oct 3, 2013 04:40 AM

Asian food near Lincoln center tomorrow night

I will appreciate your recs for an Asian food place within walking distance from Lincoln center which welcome diners around 10:30pm.
I thought about Nobu57 and Blue ribbon on 58th st. (They don't take reservations btw?). It doesn't have to be sushi those are just examples.
Thanks to all repliers.

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    1. Danji, Ippudo or for something more casual Pure Thai. About a 10 min walk

      1. What day of the week?

        Asking only because Danji is closed Sundays. And the kitchen closes at 11pm Mon-Thurs.

        If this is after a show, make sure you aren't cutting it close to when a restaurant's kitchen closes.

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        1. re: kathryn

          He's saying tomorrow night. Its only in the title ;)
          I know, I had to look up as well

          1. re: Ziggy41

            Ah, I see it now!

            Danji doesn't take reservations either unless you're a big group.

            Same for BR Columbus Circle.

            Yakitori Totto and Totto Ramen are also in that general area.

            1. re: kathryn

              Thanks all so far
              We are two of us and it's after a nyphil concert.
              Will it be tough to walk in to either BR or Danji around 10:30 ?

              1. re: icorem

                I haven't been to the Blue Ribbon in midtown, but I don't think you'd have a difficult time walking into Danji, Ippudo, or Totto after 10:30 for a party of 2.

                Midtown isn't as crowded in the late hours as downtown can be, especially on the weekends...

        2. Shun Lee is right across the street from Lincoln Center. There is a cafe in the front of the restaurant and a regular dining room in the back of the space. Open Table shows that they will take a reservation until 11:30 pm.