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Oct 3, 2013 02:03 AM

Gatlinburg - three meals

Reviews follow

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    Best Italian? That’s its name, not a recommendation.

    Nice place, looks as though it was last refurbished in the 1950s. We had pizza. It was OK. The base could have been crisper. The tomato sauce could have been more flavoursome. It was the sort of pizza you might sort of expect from a chain place, not an independent. Although my usual chain place makes better pizzas than this one. But it was OK and, if you’re in Gatlinburg and wanting pizza, this is possibly as good a place as anywhere.


      We ended up here having been told there was a 75 minute wait at Peddlers, the sister restaurant on River Road. The Park Grill was also busy but with only a 20 minute wait it seemed fine.

      It looked like most folk were ignoring the menu starters, in favour of tacking on to their main course a visit to the salad bar. We did the same. It was OK by way of variety, although even if you count the dressings, the croutons and the like, I doubt you’d get up to the 40 items they say they have. Quality was certainly fine though.

      Beef seemed to be the “go to” choice. One sirloin, one prime rib. Both OK – the sirloin better flavoured than the rib, but neither the best tasting meat you’ll ever come across. They came with a choice of a single accompaniment - baked potato on one plate, mixed vegetables (carrot, broccoli and cauliflower) on the other.

      All in all, not bad and worth a punt if in “Tourist Central”.

      1. BENNETT'S BBQ

        I always think of BBQ as probably the most distinct, the most iconic, American food. It’s something I always want to eat when visiting the country. It’s a food style that simply doesn’t travel. And, we’d been in the country for a weeks and this was our first BBQ dinner.

        Sandwich for herself, plate for me. Both generous portions of pulled pork. Delicious shreds of shoulder meat – moist and flavoursome. They come with a choice of two accompaniments. Fries and coleslaw for my partner – the coleslaw a little too sweet for our tastes but absolutely bang-on for the American style of coleslaw. Baked beans and corn kernels for me – the beans sweet with a hint of spiciness, corn straight from the can or freezer to the nuker.

        As you’d expect, there was a range of bottled sauces to mix in, including my favourite mustard based Carolina style. However, a small jug of the house sauce was brought and we both went with that. Good choice – an excellent balance between sweet, tomato and vinegar.

        1. I just posted in another thread, and I'm sure you have already taken your trip, but here are my we always go here meals. Have been going to each for years.

          Breakfast- Pancake Pantry- get here early and don't be surprised of the line, but it moves fast. I always get buttermilk pancakes and bacon. I like to stick to the classics with my breakfast items but there are so many choices to choose from.
          Lunch- The Old Mill- huge portions and each meal comes with fritters, soup, salad, green beans and mashed potatoes and dessert. I like the fried chicken and meatloaf. There are some cute shops around the store.
          Dinner- The Peddler- Old school steakhouse with great views of the river and a gigantic salad bar. The peddler comes around with a cart of meats and can hand cut your meat selection.

          Obviously you can't do all three of these in one day but they are each very good!

          The Apple Barn is also good, and we sometimes hit this one up on the way home to Nashville.