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Oct 3, 2013 02:03 AM

Has anyone tried Shing Kee on Washington Avenue

The place seems to have opened in the spot where the Hello Cafe, my favorite Hong Kong style restarurant was. They have a very similar menu.

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  1. my friend told me it's owned by the old chefs of hello cafe

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      I hope that is true. I will be trying it on Wednesday.

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        My wife and I had lunch there today. It is not the old owners. We had three dished, with a vast amount to take home. They were Watercress with Preserved Bean Curd (haven't had it before, very nice with good crunchy watercress stems), Beef Chow Fun (good, but not as good as the original place) and Braised Bean Curd (remarkably good, better than before). I suspect we will be eating there whenever we are in Philadelphia.

      2. I ate here a few weeks ago with Chef Joe Poon and some friends. It was amazing. The food is delicious - the bowl of noodle soup was huge and I finished it all! The other dishes we had were equally delicious and I brought leftovers home, as well. It fed two of us for another meal.

        Delicious. I highly recommend it. Nice people, parking on site and well worth a visit. 11 am to 10:30 pm 7 days/week

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          What kind of soup did you have? And am not familiar with the now defunct Hello Cafe? Insight, pls.