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Oct 2, 2013 09:40 PM


I know it's early - but maybe not. Looking for a good thanksgiving option near midtown or a 10 min cab ride that's good for kids, priced under $50/head and is a little more interesting than just turkey and sweet potato pie. Any ideas would be super helpful - thanks!

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  1. I went to the Marriot Marquis (revolving restaurant-The View) for many years every Thanksgiving. I always chose this place cause I always have out of town guest for Thanksgiving. It is located such that you can stand right close to the hotel and as soon as the parade ends, head upstairs to the Marriot's restaurant. They have a very good buffet spread w everything you can imagine and something for everyone including traditiona Thanksgiving fare. WELL- for the last two years I decided to do something different and booked luncheon at 2 high end restaurants for Thanksgiving. What a disaster both turned out to be!!! I won't mention names cause both took a reasonable portion off my bill due to mishaps and "false" advertising. What I mean by this is that I booked a specific restaurants cause they advertised Alaskan King crab legs being served w Thanksgiving buffet menu. When we got there, manager said they made mistake. Anyway, this year I am back at the Marriot Marquis-never been dissappointed there. Yes, you will be amongst thousands of tourists in the vicinity-who cares?? it's NYC!!!

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      I might do that with my family this year. Can you share more details. Prices...ease of getting reservation ...and exactly how crowded is it?

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        The View Restaurant, $98* per person
        All your favorites, seating starts at 12:00PM
        We cater to large parties.

        *Pricing is exclusive of tax & gratuity
        Children 12 & under, 50% off.

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          $100 per person? NO thanks, i am not going to spend over a grand on some hotel buffet. lol, thanks Kathryn for the info!

    2. Check out last year's offerings for an idea of the options:

      $50pp and non-traditional is definitely doable but you may have to go further from Midtown or take the train. I'm not sure how the parade may affect traffic that day. Probably depends when you want to eat. I would lean towards taking the subway.

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        good list...thanks. this looks so much better.

      2. Artisanal would be perfect. Traditional and non traditional Thanksgiving offerings along with fondue which will be fun for the kids.
        We've gone here on Thanksgiving a couple of times and always had a great meal and experience.

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        1. re: Motosport

          I've been to Artisanal twice and left the restaurant scratching my head. Maybe I didn't order the right items?
          Maybe simple cheese course and fondue is the way to go and not order any dishes?

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              $68pp but kids are only $32 and that is for the traditional Thanksgiving menu.
              You can also get non traditional a la carte!

          1. Thanks this is super helpful - keep the ideas coming!