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Oct 2, 2013 08:46 PM

Bars for a casual drink, Mandalay Bay and Venetian

We are heading out to Vegas tomorrow (Yay!)

Any recommendations for cocktails or drinks after dinner? We are having dinner both nights at Mandalay Bay and staying at the Venetian. No clubs or scenes. Nothing we have to wait in line to get into. Just somewhere to have a cocktail/beer, talk and people watch.

The Public House at the Venetian seems like an option. Maybe Lagasses Stadium (would they be playing the Tigers/A's game?) Are these more restaurants or do they have good bars? Anything at Mandalay Bay?

We plan to hit up the Downtown Cocktail Room or Triple 7 at Main St Station before dinner one night (we'll be downtown before).

Our dining plans are pretty much set: In 'N Out burger, Bouchon for breakfast, Border Grill, Peppermill, Rx Boiler Room. (We have a few still open because we will be with family and it's their choice.)

Looking forward to our trip!


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  1. We really liked Public House last time we were in Vegas, and plan to hit it up again this weekend. If you're a beer lover this place is a must.

    1. Bouchon and Rx (and Burger Bar) are already on our list for next month, so I'm looking forward to hearing how things went for you. I hope it was all great.

      1. We ended up spending time at Public House and Sin City. The beers at Public House are very $$$, but it's a great bar to sit at. Sin City has mediocre beer but it's much more reasonable. Also a good place to sit and watch a game or people watch.
        We did not end up eating at RX Boiler Room after discovering how annoying it can be to drive on the Strip. So we actually ate at Public House one night and loved it! Great cocktails and beer. Do not miss the foie gras slider.
        I was not super impressed with Bouchon. We'd get coffee and a pastry from the stand every morning--I'd recommend that. We had brunch and enjoyed sitting outside by the pool. Service was great. My Croque Madame was just okay, though. Too much bread, no crunchiness at all. The beignets were outstanding.