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Oct 2, 2013 08:46 PM

Indian Paradise and Rehab Burger Therapy

Indian Paradise on Hayden Rd. - Rule 1. Don't get restaurant recommendations from the hotel "Guest Information" notebook in your room. Rule 2. Ignore Rule 1 and trust Chowhound even if the last reviews you could find were circa 2009.

Granted, it looked a little questionable when we arrived around 8pm on Weds. night- located in a small, dark, minimall occupied by electronics stores and closed hair salons...once inside, the only others in the place were two guys lolling in a corner booth. (I wondered if I'd missed the "downhill alert" while scanning CH posts on my iPhone).

Cut to the chase, Indian Paradise was...very good...really lunch-at-the-horseshow-good.

They brought complimentary papadam with mint, tamarind, and red pepper chutneys to nibble on while we looked over the menu. We ordered tandoor fish tikka (white fish w peppers, onions), vandaloo vegetables (potatoes, cauliflower, peas), and aloo paratha (stuffed with potato, spices and onion), medium heat. All of it tasted great, vandaloo had a healthy kick, and the paratha was fresh and great texture. Attentive service, along with friendly atmosphere - an extended family with a few young children, and a large party dressed for a night out also ended up sharing the room, with others arriving as we left.

Rehab Burger Therapy- Sunday noon, and we still had a few hours to kill before heading to Sky Harbor. After doing a quick look-see thru Taliesin West, north to Carefree, we then headed back to Old Town Scottsdale. There was a lot of Sunday football/fist-pounding music action going on at most places we walked by, but this place had seats left at the bar and we could still have a conversation. I had Shelby's Shpinach salad (Relapse size was more than adequate) with strawberries, blue cheese, avocado, candied pecans...yeah it all sounds familiar, but it was really quite a tasty combination. The S.O. had a mongo-sized portabello burger with these cute lil sweet potato-tots,...we ate slowly and finished it all (horse shows make you hungry). We'll go back...friendly bartenders, good drinks and service, and a good place to burn some time.

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  1. I second the the vote for rehab burger. My wife's and I ate there on Friday. It was very tasty. Service was fair. Stick with relapse size which is the smaller of the 2 burger patty sizes(10oz and 5oz) The Fritto chili pie was awesome!