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Oct 2, 2013 08:42 PM

Best German restaurant on LI


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  1. I do not know the best, but I like Pumpernickels in Northport.

    There are not too many nowadays. We used to like the Pinegrove Inn in Patchogue, but I am not sure that they are open or serving German food. I believe there may be one in Southampton and one in Montauk and of cause the Bavarian Inn, which was just torn down.


    1. I'm not an expert, but those that are seem to think Plattduetsche is it:

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          Zum Stammtisch is excellent, but it is in Queens. Parking is not easy and it is a small place and not easy to get seated. Their food is probably the best around.


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            I know, but technically on Long Island:) The I'd rather drive into Queens for a sure bet, but then I'm in western Nassau so it's not that far for me.

        2. Village Lantern in Lindenhurst. My wife's family is from Germany and their Oktoberfest buffet is the most authentic. however the Mountain Brau House near New Paltz is hands down the best in state.

          1. The Oak chalet in Bellmore was recommended to me. any thoughts?

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              I was disappointed with the Oak Chalet.