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Oct 2, 2013 07:31 PM

Donuts in VT. 10/2/13

Truth be told, before this huge recent Donut and Cronut craze happened, i had only had one astonishing donut in my life (very rarely ever tried them), and that was/is a simple cinnamon dusted cake donut at the Blue Benn(diner) in Bennington.

After this week's trip to Burlington, we tried:
- Feldman's Bagels cider donut- horrid, wretched, overfried, greasy,dry
- Lemon Cream donut at Misery Loves Company,Winooskie--light, moist, tart and creamy lemon pastry cream filling(better than lemon curd imo); not cloyingly sweet but yes, wicked rich. They change flavors often.
- Cider donut at Cold Hollow Cider Mill in Waterbury- beautiful, tender, moist,small, plain (no glaze etc) just sweet enough. 50 cents!!

The irony is that we missed the sold out donuts (AND cronuts) at the unbeatable Mirabelle bakery in Burl. FYI, only made Fri-Sun.mornings. (But we DID manage to snag M's amazing ham and cheese croissants for today's trip back to Boston!) Any of you had Mirabelle's donuts?

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  1. I had a cronut from Mirabelle's a few months ago. It was absolutely delicious, with a caramel filling and buttery layers of pastry. Took me a few hours to eat the whole thing!

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      that's excellent advice to go slow with those sugar butter bombs!

    2. Wellwood Orchard in Springfield has amazing Apple Cider Donuts. Made fresh on the spot.