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Oct 2, 2013 05:52 PM

The Chesapeake

I had the opportunity to come here on several occasions in short period of time recently. For some reason, their concept, the space, and menu doesn't quite come together yet as perhaps they are still young and growing. Of the dozen dishes I tried, the best for me was the NY Strip. Here, a modest cut of the meat is transformed to well-executed (perfectly medium rare) and put together dish than most I have tried in and out of town. Real gem here is the pastry chef who is baking her hearts out with outstanding desserts which I think I tried them all, and while they can be heavy they are indulgent and sinfully delicious. Choice of drink here is their beer selection rather than from their wine list which has much room for improvement. I feel they have a little ways to go to catch up to be "a fine dining seafood experience" as their raw bar has quite limited items and isn't executed well.

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  1. They served me an oyster po boy on a painfully hard baguette; when you held the sandwich, all the oysters shot out the other side. I haven't been back since.

    1. Choosing a cafe owner to develop this important site was a mistake: the drinks and food are inconsistent, and the layout is rigid and unfriendly. On a recent Thursday evening the place was three quarters empty, while Tapas Teatro next door was bulging with patrons.