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Oct 2, 2013 05:20 PM

Fork & Wrench w/ Chef Keefer

Formerly of Birroteca, the new chef's menu reads delicious and a few sampled confirms that they are. Tortellini en Brodo (no longer on menu) and the lamb tartar were refined yet rustic, with high level of execution without the apparent fuss that fits the overall concept. Friendly staff and engaging bartender. Decent wine list. Looking forward to returning here in near future.

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  1. Speaking of F&W... a post from Thursday 12/12/13...

    "Fork & Wrench will be closed tomorrow evening for a private event. We will be back to our usual schedule Saturday with a new Winter menu we are sure you will love."

    1. As the plumber said to his helper: "Where's the Fork & Wrench?"

      1. why can't I see their menu on their website? I went their Facebook page and can't find a menu.

        1. On 1/28, they are serving the menu chef Keefer will be making at the JBF dinner. Couldn't find the menu online, but browsing through their website their regular menu has completely changed with much needed facelift of the website. The ticket is $163.80 all inclusive ( wine pairing, tax and gratuity) which makes the cost of food alone around $85/pp. 18 seats left.

          1. I have reservation there tomorrow night. If I go, it's because I'm going to the casino afterwards. Their all over the place fusion menu kind of scares me. Foie gras pho? Foie gras in pho?

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            1. re: Worldwide Diner

              In the spirit of Emeril, even the bumper would taste good in pho broth, no?!?

              I've had foie gras mi cuit in duck broth and in connsommé which worked very well that more aromatic pho will add interesting twist in my mind. But it's hard to get a good pho broth even in local VN places that im not too optimistic on this one, but the menu overall adds to otherwise homogeneous menus of new American/gastropub/ftt places in Baltimore, and in this regard a good concept if the kitchen can deliver.

              1. re: Kurtis

                I love foie gras and I love pho - just never had the two together. Pan sear the foie and then put it in pho? How would the foie add to the flavor of the pho or vice versa? I'm baffled.

                1. re: Worldwide Diner

                  Looking forward to your report, wwd : )