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which would you buy as a snack

so which of these popcorns sound best to you if you were walking and were going to buy one?

Snap and Crackle- Asian Spices and Bacon

Red Rooster- Chili and honey roasted peanuts

Hey Dilly - parmisian and herb mix

So Corny- A mix fried chick peas, corn nuts, mediterian herbs

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    1. Probably "Hey Dilly - parmisian and herb mix" and then maybe "So Corny- A mix fried chick peas, corn nuts, mediterian herbs"

        1. re: kewpie

          If only they have Kewpie as a favor. Kewpie!

          1. re: Chemicalkinetics

            Kewpie ..I will make a Kewpie... define please....

            1. re: Chemicalkinetics

              ( blush!) but i picked my moniker fro the kewpie doll(childhood nickname)--- gotta say thats the best packaging ever for a mayo, tho!

              1. re: kewpie

                waiting to hear Chem describe the "taste"

                1. re: girloftheworld

                  Kewpie is a brand of mayonnaise sold in Asian markets. It is creamier and sweeter than something like Hellmann's, and comes in a soft-plastic bottle with a squeeze-tip.

                  1. re: girloftheworld

                    Sorry for the delay.

                    Kewpie is a Japanese brand of mayonnaise. Very famous, and I must say I love Kewpie more than any other brand:


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                    You were called Kewpie? So lucky. I think actually have a Kewpie toy when I was young. I don't actually own it, but I remember seeing it in my grandmother house and I played with it.


                    1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                      i was picturing "kewpie" puting mayo in a kewpie doll as child due to not liking or something...... I am understanding now DUH!

                      1. re: Chemicalkinetics

                        yes! a " kewpie doll" was a little blushing ( single centered curled hair) from pre 1940s(!)--- dolly( unisex)
                        BUT- also love the kewpie mayo( I'm southern born and my #1 mayo is Dukes)
                        im only guessing, but the kewpie flavor would be slightly sweet, but very straightforward in its savoriness !

                2. Hey Dilly. (But the name sounds more pickle-ish than cheesy/herby.)

                  So I guess I'm gonna be seeing you along Barton Springs Road, eh? :)

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                    lol---naw it is for an event the end of octoberat the Pease Mansion

                    1. Honestly, none of them sound appealing. I'd rather have the bacon and honey peanuts together.

                      One suggestion: if you are going to sell these items, please make sure you spell the ingredients correctly on the tag/menu.

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                        Bacon and honey peanuts does sound like a great coating for candy corn!

                        The names themselves don't really draw me in; the link between the ingredients and something like "Hey Dilly" seems tenuous and the name Red Rooster just sounds like it's trying to associate itself with the Sriracha craze. Chili and honey roasted peanuts sounds like a tasty combination though.

                      2. If I didn't see those names, I'd buy all of them.

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                        1. re: BuildingMyBento

                          humou dont like the name? can you? give me more detaile please?

                          1. re: girloftheworld

                            There's too much "tack" in the US food world. Which is to say, I'll eat nearly any snack, (the four you listed included), but the names don't do anything for me. Time should be spent on quality and taste, not throwaway puns.

                        2. So Corny.

                          Although I am loath to wander around noshing and spoil my appetite.

                          1. I'm thinking that if walking around, I don't want something to make me more thirsty so if I have to choose from them, "Hey Dilly."

                            But if there is only one, "Snap and Crackle" with the description would probably get my attention first.

                              1. As someone suggested, I like the idea of bacon and honey roasted peanuts. Almost a gourmet Cracker Jack.
                                If there is other food available I wouldn't want to "dirty my mouth" (have a strong after taste) with spiced/ heavily seasoned popcorn (ie garlic, onion, hot sauce). So my order of preference is Snap and Crackle (both the combo and name), So Corny (not a fan of the name), Red Rooster (like the name), then Hey Dilly (don't like the name).

                                    1. You might consider corn popped in coconut oil, with sweetened shredded/flaked coconut, and either curry/garam masala or chili and lime. TrueLemon makes lime powder (also orange, lemon, grapefruit, and tangerine).

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                                        ohh I love Truelime.... my mom puts it in her cola.. I have used it sprinkled on roasted corn and fish tacos

                                      2. Probably the so corny, but maybe use freeze dried corn since corn nuts are like trying to eat rocks......

                                        A kettle corn with spicy nuts combo would be great too- sweet/salty/spicy

                                        1. snap and crackle...sounds good!

                                          1. I vote for Red Rooster. Not sure why, because I love Asian flavors and bacon -- just doesn't go on popcorn in my mind, though. Parmesan and herb sounds good, but not that fond of dill. I'd probably buy the So Corny, too.