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Eater Toronto launch

So that site eater.com has launched a Toronto offshoot. I've always found them a bit goofy but still an interesting place for some news-ish items but anyways the Toronto site leads off with their top 38 Toronto restaurants, many of which I think are ridiculous. How does this make you feel


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  1. Hahahaha. This list is awesome. I think they pulled it from Yelp.

    1. Without Kaji listed I can't take it seriously. And I'm so tired of lists describing Via Allegro as in a "non-descript" plaza, some original writing would be nice.

      1. That list is awful, dated and entirely predictable. Way to go eater.

        1. Wow, some truly odd picks in there

          But what troubles me most is the totally hack writing

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          1. re: bytepusher

            The list is terrible. It's so frustrating, and represents yet another lost opportunity to promote our best talent.

              1. re: justxpete

                Theoretically temporary, but Aaron has been saying he's going to reopen "soon" with various interpretations of "soon" since the flood in July

            1. This list is absurd.....I'm just confused...Bangkok garden??!!! Tappo Winebar??!!! Sotto sotto??!!! Queen Mother café???!!! How did they even think of including these!

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              1. re: akhorasanee

                I will confess, I have a soft spot for the Queen Mother

                There are those times one finds oneself on Queen West and you don't quite know why but since you're there you might as well go into the Queen Mother and have the Ping Gai

                1. re: bytepusher

                  I totally get that...lord knows I love Katmandu but in no way would I expect to see that in the Essential 38 Toronto restaurant site.

                  1. re: akhorasanee

                    I think it gets some extra points for a list like this because they've been at it for so effing long, since 1978 fer crying out loud.

                    1. re: bytepusher

                      Then why not include Tom Jones Steakhouse?

                        1. re: MissBingBing

                          lol, I'm actually surprised Sultan's Tent isn't on the list!

                  2. re: bytepusher

                    I go to queen mum (as we affectionately call it) for the Ping gai as well from time to time, but no way would I included it on this list either. Also, the sticky rice is pretty awesome as well.

                2. Reading this list makes you wonder about the reliability of the other Eater sites...

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                  1. re: Wench Foraday

                    that's the worst part! i swear by Eater (when CH isn't forthcoming) when travelling!

                    1. re: LemonLauren

                      Well for what it's worth, while not perfect either the Montreal and Vancouver lists were much better than the Toronto one.

                      1. re: bytepusher

                        Vancouver list didn't include Vij's, only it's offshoot.

                        1. re: justxpete

                          There were obvious omissions the both lists Europea in Montreal for example but no Sotto Sotto or Tappo level flop entries

                          1. re: bytepusher

                            I would argue that not including Vij's for Vancouver is worse than including Sotto Sotto & tappo in Toronto (and the many other WTF??????????????????????? choices) - but you're right, the Vancouver list is much better in General.

                            ps, those question marks were intentional.

                  2. Has anyone noticed that the Eater list has CHANGED since it was first published - yet no indication that it has been edited!
                    How about that for integrity?

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                    1. OK so Eater's new Toronto "editor" Nobu Adelman (who some of you may remember from the completely forgettable "Food Jammers" TV show) has finally pushed out a replacement Eater 38. While there are a couple of arguable choices it's certainly better than the past disaster and it at least actually demonstrates some actual familiarity with the Toronto restaurant scene.

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                      1. re: bytepusher

                        It's 10 billion times better than the previous non-sense.

                      2. And they're advertising for a replacement editor

                        Word on the street is they expected a lot of content, exclusively for not a lot of money....

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                        1. re: bytepusher


                          It's $2-3k/month for 7 articles a week or so, is what I heard. It may have even been 7 per day. I'm not sure.

                          That's a lot of content. The content that the current editor was producing was great. I'm amazed they weren't happy with it. Or, maybe he wasn't happy with the paltry compensation.

                          1. re: justxpete

                            Yeah, I was actually a bit surprise by how much the quality increased after the first list debacle. Much better than BlogTO.

                            I suspect they could hire one of the many Toronto food bloggers, assuming they don't need someone who can write decent copy (considering the salary).

                            1. re: justxpete

                              I'm guessing he quit

                              The $ figure I heard from a reliable source was somewhat less than that, with no expense budget. Even with a lot of the daily stuff just being aggregation it's still seemed a lot of work for what they were willing to pay.

                          2. Well, it didn't last even a year. (Should anyone be surprised given the lists?) They are no longer updating the site as of September 19, 2014, according to twitter: https://twitter.com/EaterToronto/stat... The Vancouver site is also no longer being updated but Montreal continues, for now.

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                            1. re: bluefirefly

                              Well, they were purchased by the Vox network a few months after the Toronto site opened, and the whole brand was just relaunched. I'd imagine that type of broad editorial overhaul has more to do with the shuttering than a list that displeased a few Toronto foodies.

                              1. re: Michael N

                                I think the shuttering had more to do with difficulty attracting and holding on to writers/editors at the rates they were willing to pay and possibly a lack of locally generated traffic and advertizing that anything else.

                                1. re: bytepusher

                                  It was only good very briefly under that one individual - Nobu? The content was great while it lasted.