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Are Manhattan foodie-worthy restaurants loud or are those looking for suggestions just have sensitive hearing? Huh?

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There's just too many posts on ISO suggestions for Manhattan restaurants that are not loud and , for my curiosity, it begs the question.

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  1. Nope. They're louuuuud. I got to plenty of concerts (rock not chamber). I'm getting tired pretty quick of yelling at my dinner dates.

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      Yes, agreed, the trend in the last several years have been for restaurants overall to get louder and louder.

      You could blame it on there being more brasseries, more faux speakeasies, more "rustic" restaurants, smaller and smaller restaurants, more restaurants that are really bars with great food in disguise, more loud rock and hip hop being placed in restaurants, David Chang copy cats, etc.

      See also:

    2. I will behave and not make any comments.

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      1. I think it's a trend in the states. It's just not NYC, it's happening everywhere. I love going to Paris where almost every place I've eaten is quiet. People tend to lean in & talk at a reasonable level.

        1. Economy went down..high end restaurants are not as popular and people don't want stuffy restaurants and restaurants don't want that either. Younger people seem to spend more money on food these days too.
          Almost all new restaurants are casual. High end restaurants are too risky for investors' point.

          1. Its equally true of posters looking for places for their large group. thin profit margins force most restaurant owners to look to smaller spaces, so just like finding an un-loud and downscale place is tough the city isnt overflowing with affordable options that also have room for your table of 12.

            1. Many, though by no means all, are loud, so it is quite understandable that some posters on CH ask specifically about sound levels.

              Many of these "foodie-worthy" places also happen to be very trendy, and attract a large clientele that does not really go for the food, but for the scene. Those of us who really care about food are likely to be more sensitive to the noise and want to know if it will be unpleasantly loud.

              BTW, you may want to look up the meaning of the phrase "beg the question". It does not mean what you think it does.;)

              1. There are plenty of worthy restaurants that are not loud at least to my ears. They're not hushed temples of silence, but I can have a conversation without shouting. Even with groups. I don't think the Momofuku places are too loud at all. I actually like the music tracks that are played there. Most of the really loud places where I am shouting to my dining companion sitting across from me are not food worthy. Trendy yes, food worthy no.

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                  Thank you for the valued responses.

                  One responded that "most of the really loud places ... are not food-worthy",

                  Another posted that " Those of us who really care about food are likely to be more sensitive to the noise".

                  Is there a trend here?

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                    I don't necessarily agree with either statement.

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                      People who are sensitive to noise can't even taste the food so it is a moot point. I have been in recommended restaurants so loud that the food tasted like cardboard. I can't eat when I have a headache. I lose my appetite. My stomach gets upset.

                      The loudness is encouraged to drive you out, so you don't linger. They want to turn over tables, especially if the foodie trend becomes "small plates" and people just eating "apps" instead of meals.

                      Every person who opens a restaurant knows ways to dampen sound or amplify it. The loudness is deliberate.

                  2. No, to the first question.

                    Yes, to the second.

                    1. 2 words for ya... Enoteca Maria. Anyone been?