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Oct 2, 2013 03:18 PM

Wider vacuum bags

Anyone have any rec's for vacuum sealers that have bags wider than the FoodSaver? I got our FoodSaver as a wedding present and use it fairly often. It works just fine, but my major complaint is that he bags are not wide enough. I like to purchase bulk produce when its in season and make breads, casseroles, pies, desserts, etc. in those disposable tin foil type baking dishes. The problem is, the standard width of those tins don't fit in the FoodSaver bag. Even the disposable pie dishes are a squeeze (bread pans fit just fine, of course).

I tried searching on here, and found a bunch of recs for an older vacuum type sealer from the 80's that will apparently never wear out, but I did not see anything about how wide the bags are. Plus, my FS is working just fine.

As I said, I'm fine with the FoodSaver performance, I only use it about once a month. I just need wider bags (or a different method for sealing altogether).


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  1. Hi Yddeyma,

    I just measured my old 1980's original Italian made Foodsaver and it will fit a bag 12 inches wide.

    Keep in mind, you can seal the corners on say a 45 degree angle, trim excess bag close to the seal on the 45 degree corners and then use the remainder of the front/center of the bag to vacuum seal.

    I use the vacu-strip bags & get them in 300 ct from webrestaurantstore. Many different sizes to choose from.

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      But even when you do the 45 degree thing, aren't you still limited by the bag's original width? Or are you making custom size bags somehow?

      1. re: yddeyma

        The idea is that by cropping and sealing the corners, a 15 inch bag can be tapered down to fit a machine that only fits a 12 inch bag.

        When you seal the corners at a 45 degree angle, you are coming in several inches from the sides at the top of the bag. After you seal the corners, trim off the bag material on the outside of the corner seals you just made. If you started off with a 15 inch bag and came in 2 inches from each side at the top of the bag, the top of the bag with the opening would now be about 11 inches.

        How much bag must go past the seal bar during the vacuum sealing process will determine the angle you crop and seal the corners.

        Webrestaurantstore has the vacstrip bags in 11 1/2" wide x 14" and 15" wide x 18".

        1. re: Tom34

          Oh, I get it! Thanks, I had no idea the bags came in wider sizes...I assumed since the foodsaver was only 12" that the bags were the same. This is perfect, thanks.