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Oct 2, 2013 02:03 PM

Late night bite near SFO

Folks on this Board have been super-helpful re early AM SFO pick-up spots for breakfast.

Now I need a spot near SFO for a late night meal that's open til 11 pm or later (other than In-and-Out in Millbrae, which I know about).

Will be coming from the Lowes on Bayshore Blvd, if that helps.


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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Not remembering the details, but during hummus month I had planned to return to Sajj, but a friend told me that it had changed hands, changed menus, and was not good at all any more. But maybe the 2am thing works.

      1. re: Melanie Wong

        Confusing--when I first went searching, came up w/ a pizza place called Sajj Ray Pizza at that address--but then came up w/ a hummus et. al. shop (Sajj, same address).

        1. re: sundeck sue

          Yelp currently lists it as "Sajj Wood Burning Middle Eastern BBQ", which sounds fascinating.

          I don't know what "Coming from the Lowes on Bayshore" means. Which bayshore (there are multiple, like San Francisco, Menlo Park, others? Lowes, the hardware store? Does this mean SFO and north prefered, or SFO and south?

          Other Millbrea Cantonese:
          Mayflower - 2am
          Champagne - midnight

          I've eaten at other mayflowers, assume it's a local family, not bad
          I think the Champagne used to be in San Mateo, I liked previous meals there
          Both are VERY chinese.

          Gourmet Village - 1am - I've been eyeing this place for a while. Menu looks more HK, although I would defer to others here. The menu looks decent, I'd have an eye out for a BBQ Pork Noodle Soup with Extra veg. It's also clearly "pan chinese", with things like Chengdu Style Boiled Beef.

          Thai Stick - 1am - from the outside is seems like a very normal straight up thai place

          I have eaten Izakaya Mai. They have a wide menu, a very japanese attitude ( I remember stumbling into a similar place under the train tracks in the sprawl outside Kobe once after a night of jazz clubs ), and I strongly recommend the grilled fish (kind of like sardines but japanese). I might agree that they are not "top-tier" - not one of the best in the whole peninsula - but they make up in attitude what they might lose in food quality.

          ABC Bakery Cafe appears to be 1am and downtown San Mateo. That must not be just a "bar time". I would go there at midnight, but would expect a high grease quotient

          Taqueria El Nayarita is listed as 1am. I've driven by there and it's a little scary, but it'll be more interesting than In N Out.

          There is, apparently, a "Leann's diner" in one of the hotels on Airport. Full 24 hours. Yelp is equivocal --- imagine, a greasy spoon having dirty utensils --- and call you "honey".

          Don't forget the Denny's.

          [ FYI, if you're wondering how I did that, Yelp has an "open at XXX time" feature. I just set it to 11:45 pm, but double checked the restaurant's web sites. ]

    2. Izakaya Mai in San Mateo is open until midnight (last call 11:30 pm according to website). I've only been a couple of times and found it pretty decent but not top-tier. But at that hour plenty serviceable, I think.

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      1. re: bouncepass

        Well Melanie has Izakaya's ramen listed at the top of her list, claiming the miso has won her over. I have eaten there, but not their ramen.

      2. Two Millbrae Cantonese options: The Kitchen is open til 1 am, and Fat Wong's is open until 11:30.