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Fried Ravioli, where to find?

Haven't had these since being in St. Louis and I'm having hard time finding these in L.A. or even the Valley?

Can anybody share spots they love for this tasty appetizer, Toasted Ravioli's?

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  1. I would think a chain restaurant like Claimjumper or Cheesecake Factory would have them...

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    1. Mastros has fried ravioli as an appetizer. I've had them before and they were pretty good but its the first and only time I've ever eaten fried ravioli. Might be worth a try.

      1. they have them at dan tanas, and as much as i like the spot, theirs suck.

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          Goo to know.

          The fried ravioli item on the menu has always been enticing me to order it.

          1. re: kevin

            Apart from cheesy garlic bread which is good w meatballs or with Dabney Coleman later I don't really care for their apps. Veal Karl Malden w Alfredo side or parm/fredo I'm good. Obv room for spumoni/canoli

          1. These are a St. Louis specialty, unadorned uncooked ravioli (usually beef, sometimes cheese) breaded and deep-fried. They are called "toasted ravioli," and the marinara or meat sauce is served alongside for dipping. Very easy to prepare at home if you buy frozen ravioli, bread or batter them, then fry.

            I've seen them on the menu at Enzo's in Westwood Village, but I haven't tried theirs.

            Usually served as an appetizer.

            1. Ugh. I'd hoped when I moved back here from St. Louis I would have heard and seen the last of toasted ravioli, crab rangoon and Imo's pizza. Well, at least there are no Imo's out here.

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                What's lmos ????

                Pizza with fucking provolone and Velveeta as the cheese source.

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                  Imo's is a local chain that does St. Louis-style pizza: ultra-thin crispy crust, provel cheese (a melty blend), most of the toppings under the cheese, and cut into squares instead of wedges. I think a lot of St. Louis places do the style better than Imo's, but I love it and crave it when I visit.

                  Go Cards!

                  1. re: kevin

                    kevin - don't be hating...

                    nosh - I think your leg is being yanked a bit.

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                      Nosh pretty well described what an Imo's pizza is like. And the awful quasi-cheese on it is indeed provel, which is to cheese as tilapia is to fish and turkey roll is to poultry. And the crust is akin to stale matzoh. Though, I'm not sure if the word "stale" is necessary. How could you tell? This is way off topic, but, fortunately, St. Louisans don't have to rely on Imo's, as there now are many very fine pizza places there. Go Cards!

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                        oh nosh described it very well, criminally well on a traitorous level (smirk) but I don't think kevin was asking exactly that.

                        I'm still of the mind that liking it is a genetic or congenital thing.

                        I had some raviolis recently from a place in rural MO that were spinach and ricotta - very nice, granted they went and ruined the sauce with insane amounts of oregano and coriander, but...

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                          Toasted ravioli in St. Louis used to be great. I still love it but its always frozen now, at least the places I try when there. Crab Rangoon can be excellent made by the right place.

                        2. The Draft in Studio City, a sports bar, has them.

                          1. not really a LA answer to your specific question, but it's so darn easy at home, fresh rav, dredged in flour and a bit of cornstarch and sauteed in butter (or olive oil if ya wanta be all healthy and shit, but that's not very STL is it?)

                            1. Fritto Misto has a "Fried Pillows" - " Stuffed with herb ricotta and quickly fried in vegetable oil served with cocktail sauce and roasted garlic mayonnaise".

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                                I like the other ravioli at Fritto Misto (never tried the fried pillows), but their food in general sometimes leaves me less than satisfied. It's not bad, and it's certainly a convenient location, but....

                                1. re: PeterCC

                                  Just tried them tonight. They came out a few minutes after we placed the order, so I'm not sure from where they're being made/sourced. Tastes okay for the first few bites, but they quickly turned kind of gross (chewy, pastry-like outer shell, relatively tasteless filling). Sauces are desperately needed for flavor enhancement.

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                                    I think I've only had them once years ago. Have no recollection of what they were like. Sorry they turned out unpleasant. :(

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                                      ilysia, are you referring to fritto misto?

                                      1. re: nosh

                                        I believe she was as she was replying to my post about the pillows...

                                        (Actually, maybe a "he". There's a poster that I kept thinking was female until he clarified, was it you ilysla?)

                                        1. re: PeterCC

                                          I'M A "HE," A "HE," A "HE."

                                          Yes, that was me (I think). ;)

                                          To hill food below, I really wish I had known that b/f I had ordered it! I hate to waste food, and I'm very much one of those people who clean their plate. But even I couldn't eat the last few pillows. The server commented, "I thought you'd give up!" Is that really what you want to be saying about your food?

                                          1. re: ilysla

                                            yeah it's trashy yummy, but a little goes a ways.

                                        2. re: nosh

                                          Yes, referring to Fritto Misto. I actually sorta liked the place when I first ate there many yrs ago. The more I go, the less I like. In addition to the pre-fabricated pillows, my pasta fresca was kind of... mealy? Mildly gritty and mushy pasta. I feel like the place is the Ikea of Cal-Italian. Stylish, popular, but cheap and low-quality.

                                          The parking situation (the south half of Colorado is ALL "no parking" now in the immediate area) didn't help.

                                          Bread was complimentary and warm, though. =)

                                          Not to worry, Peter. I didn't go there specifically to try the pillows. ;) I was meeting a friend, and she suggested the place. And again, I think they're fine as long as you only have a few while they're still scalding hot.

                                          1. re: ilysla

                                            yes, toasted/fried ravioli are generally not considered 'high-end' (usually just refrigerated pre-fab fare) and most definitely need a sauce. 2- 3 per person are MORE than enough.