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Oct 2, 2013 01:23 PM

Thanks for Thanks

Say you do a favor for someone ~ watch their pets while away, water their plants, etc. Upon their return they present you with a gift of some sort. What is the appropriate response? Just a verbal thank you? Another thank you note?

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  1. I think a verbal thank you is enough. Generally, those type of gifts are given personally, so that's when you can show appreciation for their gratitude.

    1. I usually give a verbal thank you. I think if you send a note you then get into the back and forth of thank yous and you show your appreciation via your verbal recognition.

      1. My neighbors watch over my house when we're away, even if I have a petsitter due to being gone awhile. I always leave something homemade in their mailbox, but that's just me. When they go away, again their sons are really watching things, but I have my eye out. They usually leave me a bottle of nice wine on the front porch. I think I'm the winner here!

        We do our "verbal" thank you via email at some point too, with a "Welcome Home!" to acknowledge being off duty. I do think something needs to be said, in whatever way you usually communicate.

        1. Just Tweet them "Thx"

          Just kidding ;-)

          I think a verbal in-person thank you is more than adequate.