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ok lets here what people know about this place.

- khao san road

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  1. A former premier and a disgruntled COO of a FROYO company with the backing of some family with $100M to throw around, opening a 'fast food' Italian chain....just what we need!

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      Yup super psyched another right wing pizza place. Woo-hoo? I can't wait to see how they do in the downtown west end with their backers. Ugh.

    2. Right Wing Marios hey badda-boom bada-bing

      1. Plenty of waaaay better options in the city than a chain (with nefarious connections). I'm sure it'll do fine in the 'burbs.

        I'm not going near it

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        1. re: 5andman

          Ha! I live in the 'burbs and I am not going near it with a ten foot pole ... not with those nefarious connections.

        2. But, hold on!

          On Yelp, Helen L (in her first post) said "great ambience and food to die for" and Peter W (in his first post) said he "was blown away by the quality and the freshness".

          Plus they've got the location strategy all figured out - Dufferin and Rutherford followed by College and Dovercourt makes perfect sense - not like those silly companies that try to cluster their operations to maximize efficiencies.

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          1. re: CarNut

            Don't forget queen and dovercourt! Again ugh.

          2. Has anyone actually tried the food though? The prices seem reasonable if the quality is decent...

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              Considering all the cuts Harris made during his time as premier, I think opening a restaurant, the business of which is fairly directly correlated to arts and culture, is highly hypocritical of him. Based on that I will not step foot in a single outpost. I was in high school during his premiership(?) and it made our education a very difficult experience.

            2. Had no idea what this was... for those that haven't heard of it, article in Toronto Life:


              1. I took a look @ their menu the other day, and I didn't find it to be particularly impressive.

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                1. re: kwass

                  The sad thing is that chains aren't meant to be impressive, they are meant to satisfy the masses. And knowing the masses, they will flock to these.

                  1. re: TorontoJo

                    And with the Ford brothers behind this, wont they ever!

                    From the very Cracked edges of society!

                2. I have a friend who lives around the corner from one of their locations and told me he really enjoyed his meals there. He said the staff were super friendly and everything was fresh, tasty, and well priced. I think it's unfortunate that people are basing their opinion on everything except the fact. It doesn't seem like an ordinary chain. They make everything in house including their pizza and pasta dough.

                  perhaps give it a try before ripping it #justsayin

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                  1. Kaput, ferme, closed

                    Despite many positive-to-rave reviews TramBUSTo

                    The Toronto Life article was gold (politics aside)

                    Go figure