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Oct 2, 2013 12:22 PM

ISO recs for dinner near Deerfoot Casino

Looking for a place similar to Blue Star Diner in the south end for a birthday dinner. Any suggestions?

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  1. Maple, what I know of the area is that it is a wasteland of chain restos, with some Chinese and Vietnamese. You may have to lower your expectations or travel further.

    Curious to see if anyone knows of a comparable in the area.

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    1. re: Scary Bill

      Chains chains and more chains in that area I know... I was hoping there was some undiscovered gem. A 10-15 minute drive is not out of the question if it helps expand our options beyond Mojave Grill/ABC Country/Dennys.

    2. I suppose if you want to go a bit east there's Cravings.

      The Ranche perhaps?

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      1. re: Shazam

        I was going to say The Ranche too. Definitely not diner food, but it isn't a chain and is in a beautiful location... and the food is ah-may-zing!

      2. OK, had a few minutes to kill, I also figured that the area couldn't be a total wasteland, so if you will venture to Mackenzietown, there's Haru Sushi, San Remo Ristoranti, and for decent pub food and great beer, Brewsters. Haven;t been to the first two, but the reviews (on another website) are very good.

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        1. re: Scary Bill

          I hated San Remo in Garrison, FWIW. Sauce tasted like ketchup, the pasta was overdone and my ultimate pet peeve, water at the bottom of the bowl. And I went twice.

          Might be better now though.

          1. re: Shazam

            We were looking for a little more casual than The Ranche. Overdone pasta complete with pasta water puddle - ick that takes San Remo is off the list. Haru Sushi might be worth a shot... and the bunch of us used to go to Brewsters downtown BC (before children) so that's a maybe.

            Thanks all! So glad to have some viable options :)

          2. re: Scary Bill

            Brewsters is always a safe choice. haven't heard anything good about San Remo (we live in Mckenzietowne)
            Famosa Neapolitan Pizzaria is good as well.

          3. Karma on 130th ave is pretty good. It's casual-ish and serves pretty good indian food at decent prices. Good wine selection too.

            1. There is Caesar's steakhouse in Willow Park (15 minute drive) and also Baton Rouge in Quarry Park (10 minute drive). I've had very good meals at San Remo, and never experienced the puddle of water issue.