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Oct 2, 2013 11:42 AM

Nice bistro or Italian resto in Vaughan, elder friendly!

An elderly friend of mine is coming in from NYC for a family event, and I'm going to take her to dinner near her hotel in Vaughn the night before. She uses a walker so a resto with few or no stairs and a bathroom on the main floor would be best. Good food and pleasant ambiance of course! Many thanks!

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  1. If you want to take her to dinner near her hotel, it'd be helpful to learn where, precisely, her hotel is. Vaughan's a pretty big place.

    1. Al Fogolar at the Famee Furlane Italian Club at Steeles and Islington is elder-friendly (located next to an Italian retirement home) and has a bathroom on the main floor. It's on the quiet side.

      1. I would suggest Zafferanos in Woodbridge on Weston Rd just north of Langstaff.
        Authentic italian with the chef "imported" from Italy. lol And it's only 1 level, so the bathroom is easy to get to.
        Note that they're closed on Sunday for private functions.