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Best Chocolate Dessert at a Fine Dining Restaurant, please help

I am taking a friend out to dinner. I was thinking of Eleven Madison Park, Jean George, or maybe The NoMad because I have yet to get there. My friend is a true chocoholic and a fabulous chocolate dessert is a must....for him I think almost more important than the meal. I on the other hand am allergic to chocolate so have no clue who around has the best chocolate dessert. Any suggests would be greatly appreciated.

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  1. I've eaten at EMP several times and have never been impressed with the desserts. You will not find the best chocolate dessert there.

    The warm chocolate cake at Jean Georges is so played out.

    Does your friend like fruit with chocolate? I had a fantastic chocolate cremeux at Hakkasan with fresh cherries, it was superb.

    Or perhaps just bring a few pieces of fine chocolate to your meal?

    1. First of all, can I be your friend? hehe

      I think it's better to just buy a box of chocolate from places like Kee's chocolate, maison du chocolat, or other fancy chocolate shops in NYC and give it to him at the end of the meal.

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        Agreed. I find the desserts at most high-end restaurants sadly underwhelming.

        Regarding Maison du Chocolat, I've been treated so rudely at their uptown location I'm loathe to return, there's one person in particular who is stunningly obnoxious. Also, some of their chocolates are less than stellar, but I grudgingly adore their extreme.

        A box of Kee's chocolates is always extremely thoughtful, scrumptious and appreciated (and devoured).

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          haha, yes, i know what you mean by their obnoxious counter people. i usually go to the one in midtown and get blocks of chocolates because it's the cheapest way to eat their chocolate...but i never forget to sample some of their free chocolates...
          I also love Neuhaus chocolate and Varsano's chocolate in downtown.

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            Pookipichu-you really should say something to the obnoxious person. I would never have any sort of rude/obnoxious behavior tolerated!!!

            1. re: UES Mayor

              I didn't want to cause a scene and considering that I think the person is a manger. I assume the company tolerates and encourages this kind of behavior.

              What I do do, is refrain from giving them my business for several years. I haven't been back since the first macaron day, where the same person was really rude. I gave them another chance and now I will avoid them again for several more years or perhaps permanently.

        2. While not fine dining, we recently had a great dinner at Marc Forgione and they had a s'mores dessert that was amazing. And I am a true chocolate lover...no fruity desserts for me.

          1. Jean Georges' warm chocolate cake with ice cream is classic in my opinion.

            1. Come to think of it, I don't really remember ordering chocolate dessert especially at a fine restaurant. After a heavy meal, I usually want something lighter with fruits and milk based desserts.
              Although I did order chocolate desserts called Chocolate from Jean Georges last time...but I don't really remember being it really good so i guess it wasn't so good.

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                I agree with you. After a 10+ course tasting menu, the very last thing I want is a chocolate dessert. Love fruits/sorbets/something light. I love Bouley's chocolate dessert, but Bouley has a 6 course tasting menu at dinner so I still have room.

              2. I don't recall having a chocolate dessert at EMP (other than the chocolate trick) in a long time.

                1. There are actually several chocolate dessert options at daniel. I believe that you can order dessert in the lounge as well, in case you decide to have dinner elsewhere and dessert here.

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                    +1 I was gonna say!
                    Daniel's new pastry chef Ghaya Oliveira concocts one of the best desserts in New York!
                    Strongly recommend it.
                    Now much, much, much better than Per Se's desserts, which have been going down the hill since last year.

                    1. re: kosmose7

                      I remember I took him to The Modern (I think) and there was a fabulous chocolate selection at the end of the meal...anywhere else you can think of that has similar.

                      1. re: misnatalie

                        I think Per Se presents you with a huge box of bonbons/truffles/etc to choose from.

                        1. re: kathryn

                          Absolutely true about the presentation of the box of chocolates at Per Se with no limit on the number of chocolates one can select. Unfortunately for me, I'm usually too full to enjoy them, so I select a few, and ask if they can pack them up for me.

                        2. re: misnatalie

                          Per Se and Gordon Ramsay at the London offer assorted chocolate selections, although the latter's food overall leaves something to be desired.

                          If it is chocolate you are after, I think Per Se is fine. If it's chocolate-based, crafted dessert that you want, I do not recemmend Per Se due to the reason I mentioned above.
                          Per Se's crafted desserts are really underwhelming these days.

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                            I agree not impressed with the food at The London and while would love to do Per Se he is only in town 1 day so the chances of scoring reservations is kinda slim

                    2. Park Avenue Autumn (aka Park Avenue Winter/Spring/Summer) has had their "Chocolate Cube" on the menu for years . The cube itself is a hard shell of chocolate, and it's filled with chocolate mousse. As I recall, the filling varies: chocolate-espresso, chocolate-orange, chocolate-cinnamon, etc. I get there about once a year, and this lingers in my memory.

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                      1. re: Elizabeth E.

                        Sounds excellent. How would you rate their dinner menu?

                        1. re: misnatalie

                          Their food is quite good (you should definitely order a side of their yummy potato latkes). Unfortunately the restaurant is scheduled to close by year end.

                          1. re: ellenost

                            I didn't know that. Went to their website and it says "Park Avenue Summer (Autumn, Winter, Spring) is moving in 2014 but before we invite you to our new home, we wanted to celebrate one last summer at 100 East 63rd Street with you."
                            It's one of my favorites and I will certainly want to get back there soon.

                            1. re: Elizabeth E.

                              That's wonderful news that they're moving and not closing! Thanks for the update.

                      2. I think the Chocolate Souffle at Bouley should be a serious contender.

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                          Love Bouley, thanks so much this is great to know