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Oct 2, 2013 10:31 AM

Which kosher places in NY put bread/ pita/chummus/ pickkes on the tables?

My boyfriend likes to take me to dinner frequently, and he's a big eater (how does he stay so slim??) and really appreciates restaurants that put bread and butter or pickles or a mezze plate on the table before a meal. So far, Colbeh in Manhattan, Ben's Deli (might not be the best hashacha but he goes ) Jay and Lloyd's in Midwood (same hashgacha issue for some) Cafe Veezzia in Flatbush, Orchidea in Boro Park, Savor on Ave P, I think Sunflower in Mudwood does, as well

Please add to my list!

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  1. Le Marais puts out bread.

    1. Chatanooga in Great Neck does a nice pickles/olives/marinated vegetables plate and we've almost always been brought another complimentary appetizer there. But bread and butter/margarine? Don't most restaurants provide that? Certainly the bulk of the ones I eat at do.

      1. Essen on Coney gives you sour and half sour pickles, and cole slaw. It's deli but less of a hashgacha sitch than Jay and lloyds.

        Jerusalem steak house on ave J gives you lafa, olives, and pickled beets.

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          Thanks for replying. It looks like most of the higher end places put out bread, but nice to know about the pickles etc. I'm not asking to be cheap, its just a nice touch and nice to have something to nosh on while perusing the enu and waiting for meals. Love it too, when they give you a pitcher of water.

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            The steakhouses on kings highway in Brooklyn put laffa, pickles, olives, and a pitcher of water

        2. Prime Grill offers bread and olive oil. Jerusalem Steakhouse has pita or lafa. essen on coney might have bread. they used to.

          1. l'bella on main stree

            hapisgah on union near main