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First Date - Cobble Hill, Fort Greene, Boerum Hill

Hi All,

I am foraying into dates in the outer boroughs!

Specifically, I am looking for a nice first date spot in the cobble hill, boerum hill, ft greene area. I (as of recently) live in Cobble Hill and she lives in Ft. Greene. I know a few places on Court St and Smith St - and was considering Sample and/or Apartment 138 - but I do not know of anything really outside those two streets! Any suggestions for the area(s)?

I am looking for nice decor, good food, conversation-oriented, fun, laid back. Again, first date, not heavy drinking. I'd prefer local/sustainable, if possible.

Any cuisine really, but as it first date no hand foods, etc.

I was also considering Bijan's. Any thoughts?

Help appreciated!


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  1. Junior's for the first date with my ex-wife!! Maybe not such a good idea!
    Prime Meats or Freddie's on Court St.

    1. I would not recommend Apartment 138, and Sample has a very limited menu, not really for dinner.

      Colonie on Atlantic suits all of your needs, though it gets busy and can be a bit loud.

      Ganso is fantastic, relatively new ramen joint on Livingston and Bond, which is right about halfway between Cobble Hill & Ft. Greene.

      Mile End and Rucola are also in between, though closer to Cobble Hill; Mile End is very small, deli'ish type food in a small, hip setting. Rucola is Italian, a bit darker and nicer décor.

      Lastly, even though it's on Smith, Hunter's hits all of your points as well. Very seasonal/local food, have had a couple of delicious meals there.

      Never been to Bijan's, so no thoughts on that for you.

      Regarding Motosport's suggestions, Prime Meats and Frankies 457 (I assume that's what he meant by "Freddie's") are both great, but they're at the way bottom of Carroll Gardens and not very convenient for someone coming from Fort Greene. I'd also add that Prime Meats is a bit pricey.

      Good luck-

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      1. How about Convivium on Fifth Ave just off of Flatbush. Not the closest but great food and an atractive place. They have the main dining area, the back and the "wine cellar."

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          Was also going to rec Convivium as the food and atmosphere are great.

          I'm not trying to school you in the ways of sweet sweet love, but do know that Convivium is a very romantic setting might be better to keep that Ace in your pocket for the 3rd date.

          I just kinda puked on myself. But it's true.

          1. re: 2slices

            Third date HAMBONE cooks. (Well, Third date HAMBONE cooked.)

            1. re: hambone

              Ha That's great! So what's your address? We'll come by for a Hambone cooked dinner on the third date.

              1. re: tcy0330

                Hmmmm. That would be funny.

                Let us know how the first date goes.

        2. Thanks for all the suggestions. Many look great.

          I was thinking one step down from Hunters or Colonie - more of easy drink/small bite, get out if we're not feeling it!

          That said, I added many places to my "Try" list of BK restaurants!

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            Small bite to my mind says hand food.

            Why not high brow it and go to Clover Club?

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              Bar Tabac has good food, great atmosphere and not too spendy. If you're looking for small bites you can do that there too, with brochettes, moules and other appetizer-sized options. Sometimes they have live music, which is great if you're not sitting right on top of the band.

              Hambone suggested Convivium above, which I agree with 100%, but it's up there with Colonie and Hunters.

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                Excellent suggestion!!! Thank you!

              2. General Greene a small plates (and entrées place in Ft. Greene)

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                1. re: bobjbkln

                  I ditto this. Its a young crowd and the food is tasty, not too loud. Only disadvantage is that we felt a bit hurried with the way the brought the food out. Maybe order your meal in pieces to avoid

                2. For small plates and good atmosphere try Bocca Lupo on Henry

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                    Bocca Lupo is a solid suggestion, nice atmosphere if you go a bit later (lots of strollers early in the evening). They also recently added a few nightly special dishes, though I have yet to try them out

                    1. re: fishermb

                      I live right near this and keep meaning to try it. Looks great and I'll definitely be going soon/

                      1. re: tcy0330

                        Ft. Greene, small plates = Olea - mediterranean tapas. Never been disappointed there.

                  2. I was once taken on a date to Char No 4 in Cobble Hill and I looooved the restaurant. Date, meh, turned into a friendship. But that restaurant was awesome, and they gave us tons of free whiskey! Good time was had by all.

                    1. what about brucie on court street? small italian-ish plates and large plates, not too expensive, and fun festive atmosphere?