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Oct 2, 2013 08:47 AM

Yama Tower Iced Coffee in Vancouver?

I just recently tried an iced coffee made with a Yama Tower cold brew drip tower down in San Francisco at a cafe called Jane that was phenomenal. Are there any places in Vancouver that make iced coffee with one of these? Details:

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  1. Can't help you on the Yama but thanks for tip on trying it at Jane. We've only had espresso-based drinks there...

    It seems like SF has more stores with cold brewing gizmos in use. Blue Bottle Mint Plaza is a case in point. I'm not sure I've ever seen one here in Vancouver, though I did recently have some v. tasty cold brew at Bica. Dunno what method they are using.

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      we - for one multi-family and friends group here in BC and OR prefer cold - if any marketing department people are reading - prefer cold (and NOT over ice type of cold - as it weakens the % in the brew)

      does this work for plain no-sweetener black tea, too?

      i'd be on that bandwagon

      i hope i have not misunderstood the OP and follow-ups - as i literally have stood and tried to explain to our S-Bucks what i mean by cold tea, easy ice, no added water, NO sweetener (i won't even mention that hockey player place, may he rest in peace I realize (TH for people who aren't from Canada) and the coffee "beverages" that McD's is promoting up here -

      very interesting topic as this is my preferred go-to pmu (that's a pick-me-up for office workers of which i am one - then on wkds interested in food) - cold coffee - or better yet, cold black tea - not green, has to be a certain strong black tea to make the best cold black tea.

      i look fwd to your further reports - thx.