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Oct 2, 2013 08:28 AM

Bistro Belhara

Ms. L. and I had lunch at this new place in the 7th today and were pleased; precise cooking and excellent rapport quality/price...€22 entrée-plat/€30 entrée-plat-dessert. It took over one of our old favorite fish and game places, Leo Le Lion whose owner retired for health reasons and even though it just opened about 2 months ago it was packed with locals. I don't have an aversion to dining with other Americans as long as they are polite, but we were the only ones today for the lunch service, and I am aware that many CHers have expressed a preference for places where English isn't the lingua franca. Those of you who went to Leo Le Lion will be glad to know that Frederique, the waiter of long standing is still there. The new chef worked with Guérard, Loiseau and at the Louis XV in Monaco and seems to know his pots and pans. The menu is fairly traditional; Coeur de ris de veau, joue de boeuf, etc. with a few Basque touches as befits the name...Belhara is a shoal just off St. Jean de Luz which creates the giant waves that attracts the surfers to the area.

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  1. Thanks Laidback; on next week's schedule.

    1. All I can say Laidback is that 6 days later it's still good.
      But we had different offerings; specials today were sauteed girolles, poule faisane and fabulous sweetbreads plus a huge spread of ham three ways and runny hot chocolate dessert. It's not the Volnay-type food but pretty darn good.

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      1. re: John Talbott

        Just so that you can correct that on your blog: poule faisane is pheasant (chick), not chicken faisane.

        1. re: Ptipois

          I was sort of translating it. You are correct, it is poule faisane; I often do this, mix languages, sorry.

      2. Went to B Belhara this week for lunch and was greatly pleased, not a bit of micro greens anywhere. My guest and l had identical meals, moules et couteau in a lovely white wine broth, then pigeon done perfectly with a beautiful and fresh tasting pea puree underneath. We skipped dessert to go to Martine Lambert for ice cream which was closed for midday when we got there and got drenched as well.
        Wine was interesting at Belhara, they offered a Anjou rouge for 5 euros/glass and it was a 5-6 oz pour. We decided to opt for the bottle and it came out to 38 euros about twice what four glasses would have cost, we thought odd.
        Another attraction at the table next to us was the order of gigot of baby lamb, not expensive, same as pigeon, but what came out for the two gentleman was the entire gigot in its pan and left at table, it looked perfect.
        Assured it will be on the menu for a bit, plan to do that next time.

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            Gigot of baby lamb has always been a very effective seduction tool. It has served me very well.