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Oct 2, 2013 08:21 AM

Dinner for 50-60, Downtown SF

We're part of a professional group that meets annually in the fall for a meeting in the Financial District, followed by dinner for about 50-60 people.

In the past we've taken over small restaurants for the night. Or met in a separate banquet room of a restaurant.

We have traditionally brought our own wine.

In the past we've bought out Palio D'asti (meh) and been in a banquet space @ Epic Roadhouse (good).

Interested in all types of cuisines (Italian, Cal-Med, American, French, Greek, Spanish, et. al.--had the thought of a Chinese banquet meal).


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  1. So the food isn't amazing - but it's not bad either - have you looked into La Mar Cebicheria? I haven't had a group there of that size but it's a large space.

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      I helped organize a meal for ~30 at La Mar that went very well. They were good to work with in the planning stage and the team service was excellent. They might object to, or charge heavy corkage fees, for bringing your own wine.

    2. Boulevard has a nice room downstairs that can accommodate your number.

      1. What about a great Chinese banquet someplace in Chinatown (R&G Lounge? Someplace else?) for those numbers?