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Oct 2, 2013 07:22 AM

Rutabaga and Turnip Psychedelic INTERIORS?

I KNEW you'd be curious ;)

So, I went into the storage fridge and retrieved the turnips,rutabaga,and Japanese salad turnips I had stored since receiving them from the CSA in the late Spring. I had never gotten around to using them, and thought tonight might be a nice night to roast them all up in a big mash up. They were firm, unblemished, and smelled beautiful. Well… as beautiful as these root vegetables can smell... When I sliced through them, the colors within were a surprise: Psychedelic pink and purple! I am used to them being creamy white and wondered immediately if they were a varietal that my CSA had planted. I couldn't find any info on its website. So... I'm wondering if they should go into the bin or not. My gut instinct is that they are fine, but I'd like some assurance. And to live to see my 42nd birthday ;)

Is all swell?

Thanks In Advance and All Things Delish,

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  1. They're so pretty! I've never seen colors like that in a turnip, I'm guessing it's just a varietal since they smell ok.

    1. The pink ones are watermelon turnips.

      1. The colors are just the variety. They can vary greatly. They look fine!