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Oct 2, 2013 07:12 AM

Looking for recommendation old fashioned dairy in Flatbush, Brooklyn

We are making a trip to NY for the weekend and will be taking my m-i-l out a few times. We usually go to Flatbush area but really anywhere in Brooklyn will do. Having a parking lot would be nice. (Well I AM a SoCal Mother, even though I live in Texas now...)

We used to love the old fashioned dairy places like Ratners and Gross' in Manhattan. Does anything like that exist any more?

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  1. There is a small dairy luncheonette in Boro Park called Dairy Luncheonette (Lierberman's?) at the corner of 16th ave and 48th st. Its not big, a counter with maybe 8 seats and about 4 tables, but yummy fresh food like omelets, soup, sandwiches. I always get a tuna melt. Very homey.

    I'm not from NY so not familar with the places you mentioned, but two of my favorite dairy places in Boro Park, aside from the aforementioned Luncheonette, are Benny's Famous Pizza on 13th ave (4513, I think) at 45th st and Blue Dish Cafe on 13th. Both are the type f places where you order at the counter and take your food to your wn table. Bkue dish can get crowded but food is good.

    Also, one I have yet to try in Manhattan is B and H Dairy restauant. Heard good things about it. But I don't know the hashgacha which may be an issue as I've noticed that some places do have hashgacga but not everyone goes by it. Nkt like where I live, in LA,where most kosher places have hashgacha that are almost universally trusted.

    1. You're not gonna get lucky with a parking lot in Brooklyn!!!!

      1. old school dairy in brooklyn is probably garden of eat-in on avenue j in flatbush - you want eggs or pancakes or waffles or bagels? they have it. you want salads? they have it. pasta or a fish? pizza? blintzes? they got it! what they lack in ambience they make up for in quantity and old-school diner-ness...

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          I second Garden of Eat-In. I like their breakfast special with toasted rye with my eggs (I am sick of bagels!) and like the free coffee refills.

          1. In the end, we tried to go to Garden of Eatin and it was closed. We ended up at J2. Not Chow-worthy but I always enjoy their food.