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Oct 2, 2013 07:09 AM

Sunday lunch near the Vatican

Logistics force me to Sunday lunch somewhere near St Peter's on my next trip... any suggestions? One vegetarian involved. My eye was caught by Taverna Angelica, a nice sounding menu with veggie options.

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  1. Cesari located on Via Crescenzio not far from the Vatican (Ive not been but seen recommended here) and La Campana on the other side of the river are both good sunday lunch destinations in the general area. Ive had god dishes suited to a vegetarian at the latter, certainly, they have an antipasto array You are likely to have better luck if you get away from the immediate area of St. Peters Sq.

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      I second Jen Kalb's recommendations of Cesari and La Campana; expect both to be jam packed on Sunday.

      The area around the Vatican is a gastronomical wasteland. I have over the years found at least one exception: Il Mozzicone dei Fratelli Poggi, Borgo Pio 180, Tel. 06 68 61 500. It is a simple trattoria with good food at reasonable prices. Last April I had fine salt cod and spaghetti carbonara. Sit outside, in the little square next to the restaurant. Expect to see a number of seminarians there. I don't know if it is open on Sunday.

    2. Thanks, JK. I see there's an Indian restaurant round near the Vatican station, which is tempting, since I haven't had a curry in yonks; but previous experience at Indians in Rome have been dreadfully sad affairs. Anyone ever tried it: the Kohinoor?

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        I see that you are in Le Marche and are interested in veg options. Katie Parla has a fair number of quality international (i.e. non-Italian) options on her app and also discussed on her website.

        My own Italian Indian food experience (quite a number of years ago) was a place in Monti which had rich dishes reminiscent of some of the restaurants in London. I dont remember the veg dishes. at all

        I still would advocate for the Roman style restaurants and for getting away from the immediate St Peters environs, Most of the international restaurants are in different neighborhoods.

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          An Italian Indian as good as almost anything in London would be something to savour. I'll check around the Monti area. I'm always content to settle for a pasta & soup at most Roman restaurants, but it would be nice to see restaurants experimenting with some proper veggie main courses to satisfy the ever-growing numbers of vegetarians here.It will happen eventually, I suppose. Places like Romeo look lovely but the menu is, inevitably, heavily slanted towards meat & fish and not much else.Prati's a new area for me hotel-wise, so it would be cool to find something interesting in the vicinity.

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            The Indian we went to all those years ago was Maharajah, on Via Serpenti - not a dive fairly dressy feeling (I remember because I was there with my teenage kids) and the food was solid . I wouldnt waste a fine Sunday noon meal in rome on Indian though - save it for an evening and enjoy the laidback Sunday atmosphere!

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              Yes, you're right, Sunday lunch should be Italian,although living in a curry no-man's land as I do the temptation is always strong. I think I shall go with my first option of Taverna Angelica, since I feel I should encourage places that offer something more for the vegetarian, even though that didn't work for me with the deeply disappointing Ditirambo. Maharajah next time round maybe.

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                I"m not a big Maharajah fan. I find it way over priced for what it is, and the owner is just downright cranky. Weirdly, there are now 5 Indian restaurants in Monti. I think this has a lot to do with the fact that Indian tour groups often have at least one main meal of the day at an Indian restaurant. So most of these places do a special seating at about 5pm for groups.

                My favorite of the bunch is definitely Sitar, on Via Cavour. Anu does many vegetable dishes that are fantastic. Love her butter dal, and the palek paneer is great too. Nan well done and she does a papadum masala to start that is out of this world.


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                  Oh now, that's just cruel... you've got my curry glands going...

        2. Romeo is a good option. Or cross the river to la campana. Please do not eat indian.

          1. There is the Prati outpost of Flavio Velavevodetto in Prati, in Piazza dei Quiriti. I keep meaning to go....has anyone been? They have the same menu as Testatccio.