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Oct 2, 2013 06:00 AM

florence Oct 14,15, 16

Going to be in Florence for my big birthday, with our 2 adult sons. I dont have restaurants selected yet. We have heard Cibreo is good ?? La Personale??
Please any suggestions would be great for lunches and dinners. thank you!

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  1. del fagioli? marios? i am sorry i am being so vague but any help with great trattorias would be so appeciated.

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      these two are both excellent traditional tuscan trattorias. Mario is lunch only and very informal and bustling, As I recall, Del Fagioli is quieter and more intimate, with more of a traditional seating format, though since we were there on a rainy weekday lunch our experience may have been atypical. We had memorable soups, meats and pasta dishes at both.

    2. Dining in Florence gets discussed here often. Here is a past thread:

      If you use the search feature in the upper right-hand corner of this page, you will find many past threads with hundreds of helpful suggestions.

      Sostanza is often recommended for dinner and the Nerbone stand in the Mercato Centrale at lunch is recommended for their boiled beef sandwiches.

      1. Thank you the Florence thread helped.

        1. where are you staying? i lived in downtown florence for 20 years ( now in chianti) I love cibreo, but no pasta and no real MEAT. fabulous flavors---

          I adore Garga, the original Garga has closed, he died, but his son Alessandro opened La Cucina del Garga on via San Zanobi over near the San Lorenzo Market. it is for parties!

          He worked in New York for 7 years, so speaks English-- and the menu is special-- i call it twisted Tuscan, without "foam" plays on classic tuscan recipes and takes things up a notch and plays on it.

          I love the pasta with citrus and mint!!! called Magnifico

          don't miss his mom's cheesecake- she is Canadian and it is fabulous

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            I concur on Garga. It's the kind of place made for a celebration or family dinner, although my wife and I had 2 great meals there on our own during our stay in Florence. Here's a link to the thread I used to document the places we went to eat:


            Happy birthday... have fun.

          2. Surprised no one suggested Teatro del Sale. Go there for lunch or dinner and you will have Italian dishes you never heard of and which you will remember for a long time. Best deal is to go there for lunch - less expensive, fewer patrons = more for you to eat, wine and water at no extra charge. A great place to experience Itialian food.

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              i don't think of teatro del sale as a birthday sort of place-- i have been a member since it opened. buffet. Cibreo, yes.

              for a tourist,membership for the teatro is only 5 euro and good for a year. it is a private club. dinner is dinner and a show, which if it is theater in italian may not be so much fun-- music yes!

              i agree lunch is better-- as it costs less and is less crowded---