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Oct 2, 2013 04:49 AM

Cafe Pomona - New Spanish restaurant on the UWS

Last night I ate at Cafe Pomona on Columbus and 84th. It was quite good, although it's only one meal by one person. It's nearly all tapas although they also serve paella (but it takes 45 minutes and the 'small' serves 1 - 3) and some other entree sized dishes.

I had two "Gin and tonic spicy vegetable" cocktails, which was gin, tonic and some juice from peppers. Interesting and tasty (or I wouldn't have had a second)!

White gazpacho - a nice puree of almonds and garlic; creamy, rich and a good balance of tastes

Grilled sardines - I like sardines and these were very well cooked. Fishy in a good way (after all, they're sardines!) (Is "sardiney" a word?)

Grilled leeks with romesco sauce. The least appealing dish of the night. Maybe grilling isn't the right thing to do to leeks. The taste was fine, but the texture was slightly odd and they were very hard to cut.

Suckling pig - a hit, tasty meat, crispy skin, very nice.

The bill was $70, if I recall correctly (two cocktails!). One flaw was that, at the beginning of the meal, there was someone near me wearing too much perfume, but a) She left and b) That's not the restaurants fault

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  1. Having spent a wonderful week in Barcelona this summer dining on tapas, we were thrilled to discover Casa Pomona this August. And on returning last week, we were glad to see they were thriving. And the service could not have been more accommodating! As always, all we had were tapas; the only one that didn't hit the mark was the foie gras with almonds (if I remember correctly). We shall return again, and again as we spend time on the west side.

    1. This is the same space/place that used to be sol Y sombra?

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        No, Sol y Sombra is on Amsterdam. Not nearly as good as this place.

      2. I can't seem to find a website. Is there one?

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        1. For brunch I enjoyed the scotch egg with chorizo and grilled squid. I'll try this place for dinner soon.