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Oct 1, 2013 08:02 PM

16 for dinner! [San Francisco]

We are coming in to town in October and need a great place to eat.This will be a business dinner for people from all over the states and Canada. ( A free night before meetings start)
Waterbar is booked. Boulevard can accommodate but it looks like a meeting room from the pictures but the reviews are good.
Can anyone give us some suggestions on such short notice? We are all staying at the Hyatt in the Financial District.
Thanks so much!

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  1. You'll have a great meal @ Boulevard--I'd grab it!

    One alternative:

    The only time I've been w/ a big group in the FiDi, we booked the private side dining room @ The Slanted Door in the Ferry Bldg--gorgeous space/views and delicious fare (Slanted Door gets mixed reviews on this Board--and I've had very good and less good meals there--but I remember the food this evening--and the experience in that beautiful space--as esp. fine).

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    1. re: sundeck sue

      Thank you for your comment about Boulevard. I just needed that extra push and the dinner in the private dining area was just perfect. The service and the meal were spot on. We were given a set menu of appetizers,salads,mains and desserts. We had 3 servers and our own bartender. Unreal.
      Thank you!