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Lunch Options (Airport Area)

Started a new job in the area, just wondering what lunch options are there that are reasonably priced.

Aside from the pricey hotels, Woodbine Centre, Hooters, and Jack Astors -- anything out there?

Thanks in advance

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  1. I regularly eat at Lone Star (downtown location, mostly) great fajitas. Secret is to ask for fresh-cooked chicken (they pre-cook their chicken and then heat it to serve freqhently).

    1. Yes, there's a California Sandwiches on Dixie Road, (most famous for their veal). Their website has details.

      1. Zet's on Airport Road. Old school Greek diner, consistently busy, so good turnover on ingredients. I like their BLTs and fish and chips. Haven't tried their souvlaki or steaks, but both look surprisingly good. Open 24 hours.

        For Indian, there is Kwality Sweets, on Steeles, near Airport Road. I've never been there, but it gets mentioned a lot when people ask about places to eat in the area.

        For chains, there is also a Milestones, which I've found to be perfectly acceptable .

        And for really good dim sum, there is Grand Chinese Cuisine in the Doubletree hotel. It's not cheap and cheerful, but I find even pricier dim sum to be good value.

        1. I started working in this area in Dec and these are the places I have discovered.

          For sushi, there's Sushi-Ya Japan on Dixon Rd., it's very close to Grand Chinese Cuisine which has really good dim sum. We also go to Iron Chef and Masamune but I find Sushi-Ya's sushi to be better.

          For thai, we go to Spoon and Fork on Eglinton. It's a small place so make a reservation if you are going with a group.

          Pita and Grill, also on Eglinton, for shawarma and falafel.

          And for cheap Chinese, Japanese or Pho, go to Dixie Park Centre mall. There's a food court in there with lots of choices. It's at Dixie and S Gateway.

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            Yes, I noticed the Sushi-Ya on Dixon Rd., wasn't sure about the place -- the sign look dilapidated, went to the Quesada for a couple of mediocre tacos.

            There looks to be a new Asian fusion resto across the street called KIWI, I'll check out in the next few days.

            The Biryani King @680 Rexdale and Shanghai Restaurant sounds intriguing.

            Forgot about ZET's, that's a possibility for old school soulvaki & burgers.

            A work colleague suggested I try out Good Vibes on Belfield+Atwell or hot dog vendor (Hot Dog for Jesus?) in front of the church nearby on Atwell

          2. There's a relatively new location of Chop next to the Sheraton on Dixon where I've had some passably decent food.

            1. I work in the area as well and struggle with lunch options as it is a bit of a wasteland. My biggest guilty pleasure is the chicken biryani at Biryani King, 680 Rexdale (strip mall near Woodbine racetrack). I usually get it once a week, and it's always good. Good sized container packed full of rice and two pieces of curry chicken. It's a great deal for $5 or $5.50 maybe now. Service is borderline rude and it is 100 degrees inside but I don't care as long as I get my biryani. Take out only.

              One of the better chinese buffets I've found for lunch is the Shanghai Restaurant at Humber College/Hwy 27. Selection is quite good, not too big or too small and much better quality then some of the other places around. Very reasonable lunch, around $8 with tax give or take.

              Mmmmmm.... lunch time now. May have to make a road trip.

              1. Lots of decent choices around the airport. When I used to work there I frequented the following places.

                Zets (Airport Rd)
                Fantastic souvlaki and greasy spoon food.

                California Sandwiches (Dixie N of 401)

                Asian Wok N Roll (Airport and Derry)

                3 great choices in the plaza at Goreway and Derry

                Mr Jerk
                Simmas (has a new name, right next to Mr Jerk)
                The Kebob (Great Pakistani Kebobs)

                Switzers Deli (Torbram N of Derry)

                That's all I can think of for now.

                1. I Figure I'll update this thread with a recent discovery (maybe I'll start a new thread since I'm bored at work).

                  Discovered a nice old school Italian place for lunch: Al Pizza Forno, located on 5555 Eglinton Ave. W, in Etobicoke (east of Dixie, West of Centennial Park Blvd.)

                  Had a simple Spaghetti & meatballs. The pasta was done perfect (not mushy), the meatballs were moist and tender and the sauce was nice and tangy.

                  1. Don't know if this is close for you but Madras Dosa Hut (Albion and Islington) is good. They have AYCE dosas and buffet items for weekday lunch, I think.