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Oct 1, 2013 07:18 PM

Breakfast ideas please

I'm going to be in Chicago for a few nights in October with a friend. I am looking for a few breakfast ideas. We are staying at the Fairmont near Millennium Park. We will be in town from Thursday-Saturday. Thanks so much.

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  1. Meli Cafe, The Bongo Room and Little Goat (sister restaurant to Girl & the Goat) are all about 1.25 to 1.50 miles from your hotel and are solid options. If you do not mind a taking a ride on the el into other neighborhoods, then Jam in Logan Square has my favorite breakfast/brunch in the city.

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      Good options from Gonzo; I would consider most of these breakfast "destinations". If you are looking more for a convenient yet still above-average place to grab a bite, Wildberry Pancakes & Cafe at 130 E Randolph is on the northern boundary of Millennium Park and a very easy walk from your hotel. If you are planning to be in different parts of town, we could probably give some recommendations there.

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        You are also across the street and down the stairs from Eggy's. It's on the SW side of the park that is in the center of all the new condo buildings across Columbus from your hotel. I really like the place for solid breakfasts. They serve all day and I have had breakfast for dinner, but not actual lunch or dinner food there.

        If its still warm that weekend there is a nice outdoor roof deck at III Forks just down the sidewalk from Eggy's. They serve a limited menu but it's a nice spot for a drink before going out.

    2. You're not too far from Heaven on Seven on Wabash (in the Garland Building) for a good breakfast with a Cajun touch in interesting surroundings. If you're looking for a light Continental petit dejeuner, Toni's Patisserie is nearby. On the other hand, if you want a hearty Irish breakfast, The Gage is also nearby (altho it opens a little late on the morning)

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        Note: Heaven on Seven is cash only.

      2. Thanks for all of the ideas. I went on a food tour to seven on heaven and wanted to go back there again. I think we decided on Jam (will be coming from O'Hare), Little Goat and either Wildberry or Seven on Heaven. I'm looking forward to a weekend of great food.

        1. It would require a taxi, but we did brunch/breakfast at The Carriage House in Wicker Park and LOVED it. Great little neighborhood to walk around in after as well.