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Oct 1, 2013 06:41 PM

Looking for Andouille sausage in Tacoma / Seattle area

Anyone know of some good meat markets that make authentic Andouille sausage, or import it from Louisiana?

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  1. I order directly from Louisiana.

    Here's a good source:

    1. There's a sausage shop in Pike Place Market that offers Andouille as well as other sausages.

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          Personally, I'm underwhelmed by Uli's take on Andouille...I think the ubiquitous Hempler's is as good or better, and that neither really comes close to a home run.

          1. re: Gizmo56

            I am a big fan of CASCIOPPO Brothers Andouille.

        2. Dot's direction is French, and their Toulouse sausage is great. I've not tried their Andouillle, but would expect it to get good attention there. Caution: not all items (fresh-made there) are on offer every day and you might give a call first to see when it will be available.

          1. Ballard farmers market had the most goodest andouille by expensive