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Family dinners. How often do you eat together ?

I would figure most families these days are super busy.Kids,work,and everything else.Do you still find time to sit down together and have dinner ? Looking back I had to be home for dinner every night when I was young.

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  1. The kids are grown now, but dinner time in our house was the same as when I was a kid: everyone was present, except for exceptional circumstances. We did not allow our son to do high school swim team because it interfered with family dinner every night of the week.

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        My kids played sports and had dance, etc. We averaged dinner all together maybe 3 times a week during high school. It was hard, but we made it work - we went to every game, dance performance/competition, so we have had plenty of non-dinner time family time.

    1. My family is my partner. He and I eat together most nights. When we don't it's because one of us is working late or has dinner plans with friends/business dinners.

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        my husband & I dine together 5 nights a week& prob 4 lunches a week-- same as LeoLioness, unless the other has plans with friends, etc

      2. Mr. Kitchengarden and I have dinner at the table every night. My sons were raised with the family dinner every night. We'd share the cooking, too. It was a lot of fun!

        1. everynight...
          we eat late so sometimes it is a light dinner. but we all sit around the table talk about the day, news, laugh etc..

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            Exact same. Sitting around with a glass of wine talking about anything and everything and eventually, usually between 8 and 9, starting dinner is in a three way tie for best part of the day, the others being morning latte and staggering up and collapsing on a cool pillow. Door number three is calling!

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              I am 11 minutes past due for shut down of all electronics...

          2. We eat together at least six nights per week. Some nights, dinner may not be until almost 9 PM (normally we eat around 6:30). Sitting down and sharing a meal is important in our family.

            1. I live alone currently, but when I lived with my family we did eat together most every night, but it wasn't mandatory. I think we usually did because we genuinely enjoyed it, since like I said, it wasn't mandatory. As long as everyone was home, nobody tried to run off to their room with their plate or anything. I go to my parent's house for dinner a couple times a week now and my younger brother still lives with them. I always eat with them, and when my brother is home (he seems to favor the gym around dinner time) he eats with us, too. Although, nobody has been successful in getting him to give up his cell phone at dinner. It's next to him at the table every time, but that's probably a topic for another thread.

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                We eat together every night with our teenage daughters. Nowadays, one misses dinner only because she has a part time job. Otherwise, dinner together every night. And we enjoy cooking together for weekend brunches. Dinner with my parents every Friday night. Dinner out with in laws every Saturday night. The rest of the time we try out new restaurants.
                Dinner time is important since we talk about our day, the news and plans for the weekend together.

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                  Sounds great! I hope for it to be the same way when I'm finally settled down with a family of my own! :)

              2. We had dinner together every night until I left for college. It was always at least me and mom. Dad often worked late so he sometimes couldn't join.

                1. The man and I eat together far more often than not. I'd say once every 2 or 3 months we don't because he works late and I don't feel like waiting. I'll sit and have a glass of wine or just sit and chat with him while he eats on nights like that.

                  With my family as often as possible (which is not often enough,) with his family as little as possible (which is too often.)