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Oct 1, 2013 06:23 PM

Family dinners. How often do you eat together ?

I would figure most families these days are super busy.Kids,work,and everything else.Do you still find time to sit down together and have dinner ? Looking back I had to be home for dinner every night when I was young.

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  1. The kids are grown now, but dinner time in our house was the same as when I was a kid: everyone was present, except for exceptional circumstances. We did not allow our son to do high school swim team because it interfered with family dinner every night of the week.

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        My kids played sports and had dance, etc. We averaged dinner all together maybe 3 times a week during high school. It was hard, but we made it work - we went to every game, dance performance/competition, so we have had plenty of non-dinner time family time.

    1. My family is my partner. He and I eat together most nights. When we don't it's because one of us is working late or has dinner plans with friends/business dinners.

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        my husband & I dine together 5 nights a week& prob 4 lunches a week-- same as LeoLioness, unless the other has plans with friends, etc

      2. Mr. Kitchengarden and I have dinner at the table every night. My sons were raised with the family dinner every night. We'd share the cooking, too. It was a lot of fun!

        1. everynight...
          we eat late so sometimes it is a light dinner. but we all sit around the table talk about the day, news, laugh etc..

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            Exact same. Sitting around with a glass of wine talking about anything and everything and eventually, usually between 8 and 9, starting dinner is in a three way tie for best part of the day, the others being morning latte and staggering up and collapsing on a cool pillow. Door number three is calling!

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              I am 11 minutes past due for shut down of all electronics...

          2. We eat together at least six nights per week. Some nights, dinner may not be until almost 9 PM (normally we eat around 6:30). Sitting down and sharing a meal is important in our family.