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Oct 1, 2013 05:28 PM

Post Pizza Fairfield

This evening I took my youngest to her sign language class in Bridgeport and had to kill 90 minutes and eat supper.

I was in the mood for pizza. As most on this board know I am a New Haven native, love my Apizza, thin and charred, a Sally's fan and begrudgingly eat Pepe's. and of course mozzarella is an extra.

I cut across Villa Ave towards Fairfield supper and at the corner of Tunxis Hill Cutoff spotted Post Pizza (in the strip in front of Kohl's).

I said to myself, it looks Italian, not Greek or Mexican, how bad can it be.

I went it and sat down and peruised the menu. Open about 20 years and run by a family from Naples.

I ordered a small Margherita pie and a beer. I prayed that it wouldn't be thick dough.

The pie arrived, dinner plate sized (6 slices), a thin crisp, slightly charred crust with a flavorful sauce, just enough cheese and fresh basil.

It was perfect!!! I would almost call this Apizza except that it was made in a modern Baker's Pride or Blodgett oven.

I ate every morsel and was sorry it was over. I look forward to more visits on Tuesday nights-daughter has 8 more weeks of class. Great food in the middle of a dining wasteland.

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  1. :) Viva Napoli! I love a good find.

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    1. re: kattyeyes

      I don't agree, followed your advice.... This is like any other Pizza joint, nothing special. I wouldn't rush to go there.

      1. re: temilove

        LOL, not MY advice. I was happy to see the bagelman had found pizza out of the apizza zone to his liking.

        1. re: kattyeyes

          Trust me... the Margherita pie is much better at Pronto, in the brick walk in Fairfield. They opened recently. Their pizza is thin and excellent! Try this Kattyeyes.....

          1. re: temilove

            I almost never find myself down that way, but will keep your tip in mind if I do, temilove. Thanks!

        2. re: temilove

          temi...what size pizza did you get?

          My daughters went yesterday and got a large. They brought leftovers to my office and the crust was much thicker than the small that I git when I was there.

          1. re: bagelman01

            small..But you can get a large & ask for it fresh & awesome...

      2. My wife and I accidently found Pizza Post when it in opened in 1994. We had just moved up to Fairfield and previously lived in Stamford where we were regulars at Nick's Pizza in Glenbrook. We noticed the pizza crust was the same at both places. Andrew, the owner of Pizza Post, told us his family runs several pizza restaurants in Fairfield County, like Rowayton Pizza. Our favorite pie is the sausage and eggplant. The eggplant is light fried, while the sausage is homemade and not oily.

        Pizza Post is a good choice if you're in the Tunxis Hill area.