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Oct 1, 2013 05:07 PM

Spray Coconut Oil - same health benefits as the jarred stuff?

I've heard that Trader Joe's has spray coconut oil which seems like a nice convenient product to have in addition to the jar on my counter. however, it must be liquid at all temperatures which suggests that the ratio of fats is different than the jarred stuff which is solidified or at most sludgy. Does anyone more knowledgeable than me know if this product would have the same health benefits as regular unrefined oil? I guess I should preface this post to exclude any discussion on whether coconut oil is actually good for you to prevent straying too far.

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  1. There are health risks associated with aerosols in general and there has to be a propellant as well as the coconut oil in the can. If I were considering using it I would probably do some homework on the ingredients and see if the bad of it being aerosol could even be offset by the benefits of coconut oil. As far as the good of the coconut oil, so little is used with an aerosol I don't think it would really count.

    I use a Misto instead (this is a warm climate, things stay liquid.) You could also use a brush with it to spread it thinly on a pan.

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      I use Misto for my other general cooking oil. I'm not sure it would work for my coconut oil at least for 8 months out of the year here when the oil is quite solid in the jar.

    2. What exactly are the health benefits of coconut oil? I have always thought that coconut oil has the most saturated fat of any non-animal sourced fat.

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        I didn't intend to start this discussion but for your interest here is a quick link to get you started in case you want to search further There is evidence that saturated fat is not the devil it's been thought to be.

      2. For any health benefit you would need significantly more coconut oil than the trace amounts from a spray can. I would suggest to use the solid coconut oil for greasing pans etc instead of the spray

          I use this brand from Whole Foods and love the product.

          1. Lecithin is add to keep it liquid at lower temperatures.
            I do not believe that it effects the nutritional value of the Coconut Oil.