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Oct 1, 2013 05:05 PM

lunch near port authority

Any ideas for somewhere nice, not too expensive and as close as possible to Port Authority?

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    1. If you want nice--i.e. upscale--your best bets are Le Merais or Abigails. The lunch menu at Le Marais has many options under $20 and I'm sure Abigails is similar. For cheaper food that is not unpleasant but not elegant, there is Bravo Pizza and The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf (if a sandwich and coffee will suffice), in the same area as Abigails (2-4 blocks from Port Authority). If you eat IKC Kashrut (not everyone does), there is a Hummus Kitchen in Hell's Kitchen--a nice sit-down place with hummus platters, Mediterranean salads, sandwiches, etc.

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        Bravo has VERY good pizza but is rather expensive for pizza

        1. re: yzd323

          I know absolutely nothing about Bravo (or any kosher pizza really, since I make my own), but I was curious about the price of their slices, given this post. According to the menu I saw online, their slices are $2.99. Given the historic connection between the price of a slice of pizza in NYC and the subway/bus fare (Google it, if you're interested), $2.99 doesn't seem out of line. The current NYC transit flat fare is $2.75 (some discounts available for using Metrocards, etc.), and with the higher prices of kosher food, sounds about what I'd expect. Serious question: what does kosher pizza cost elsewhere . . . I really don't know.

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            The treif bravo charges 2.75 so the kosher price isn't terrible.

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              Bravo charges $3 per slice/ compared to the average kosher price of $2.50, but keep in mind this is their PLAIN slice, which all my friends and I find inferior to their specialty slices, which are very good and anytime we go there the highlight is the specialty slices, they range anywhere from $3.50 TO $7. Also, I find they have terrible service, and on any day that yeshiva day schools are off which is most times that I go (being that I go with my kids) they are very busy

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                Sorry, but the average kosher slice is not $2.5.

                Some quick examples I checked:
                Bagel Basket: $2.75
                Bagels and Co: $3.25
                Cafe Roma: $3
                Cafe Viva(with questionable hashgacha): $2.55
                Shalom Chai: $2.75
                Saba's Pizza: $2.99

                Given that you talk about only going on days when schools are off, I'm going to assume you don't live in Manhattan. In which case you can't look at prices in Brooklyn, 5 Towns, Teaneck or wherever you live and expect the same prices to apply in Manhattan with Manhattan rents.

                Also, no place can be staffed for peak capacity. If Bravo had enough staff to serve the yeshiva break crowd quickly it would go out of business because it could never afford the staff the rest of the year. If you go when you expect a bunch of kids to go, it will be crowded. I'm sure they're efficient enough for a normal weekday lunch crowd.

                Lastly, there specialty slices are expensive, but they're higher end and are priced accordingly. If you think they're too expensive, then order the plain slice. But since you did order the specialty slice, I guess you agree the slice is worth it. And for the ease of comparison, I think you would always you a place slice as the way to compare prices between stores.

                1. re: avitrek

                  The biggest problem with the specialty slices is that they are very small slices and are about five dollars. Five dollars for a slice that is about half the typical slice is ridiculous. I may like the food,but I avoid going there for this reason.

                  1. re: kosherfoodie1226

                    I completely agree with kosherfoodie. I have had a specialty slice there for around $7 which is smaller than the average plain slice. Also, the staff is pretty rude. And, they have told me 2 prices for the same slice two different times

            2. re: yzd323

              If you think bravo is bad, don't even look at milk n honey.

              1. re: avitrek

                yeah but milk and honey is not only a pizza place

                1. re: yzd323

                  Milk n Honey is as much a pizza place as any kosher pizza place is these days. Even Bravo downtown sells sushi. It's also the only pizza in its neighborhood.

          2. The lunch buffet at Bombay is pretty good, affordable too.

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              It's not anywhere near Port Authority, though. (I assume you meant Shalom Bombay.)

            2. I think Loving Hut is kosher, with the same kind of supervision as Cafe Viva. It's very simple, really take out witha couple of tables but was pretty good. http://lovinghut.us/newyorkcity/menu....

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                I would not call 29 st near Port Authority as Port Authority is on 40 St. Also, who is the hashgacha?

                1. re: kosherfoodie1226

                  As per the linked menu, it's Steinberg (Cup-K).