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Oct 1, 2013 04:25 PM


Where in town can I buy Torani syrups, especially Orgeat?

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  1. Can't speak to that specific flavor, but Cost Plus World Market usually has a pretty comprehensive selection of the Torani syrups.

    1. Here in CA I pick up Torani syrups at Cost Plus World Market, Smart & Final, and BevMo. BevMo is 2x the price of the other 2 places. I always have multiple fruit flavors around. A few pumps help me to drink more water. :) Mint & "nut" flavors for espresso drinks, and orgeat for MAI TAI'S!

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      1. re: letsindulge

        The nearest BevMo is 1250+ miles away from this regional board.

      2. Lunds carries a few of the more "vanilla" flavors (including vanilla, I believe). We buy raspberry syrup there. Haven't seen orgeat, but will see if they have it. I know they have at least one nut flavor, but think it was hazelnut.

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          Kowalski's on Grand Avenue, too. It's in the front of the store.


        2. I was at the World Market in Roseville a couple weeks ago and they had Orgeat then.

          1. Hmm. Went up to the Cost Plus in Roseville. Yes, they have a lot of Torani syrups, but no Orgeat. They had something called Almond Roca, which looked interesting but it was sugar-free so I passed. (I did pick up a bottle of Torani Raspberry so it wasn't a wasted trip.) Guess I'll try Kowalski's.

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              Call first to make sure they have orgeat. Better safe than sorry!