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Where in town can I buy Torani syrups, especially Orgeat?

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  1. Can't speak to that specific flavor, but Cost Plus World Market usually has a pretty comprehensive selection of the Torani syrups.

    1. Here in CA I pick up Torani syrups at Cost Plus World Market, Smart & Final, and BevMo. BevMo is 2x the price of the other 2 places. I always have multiple fruit flavors around. A few pumps help me to drink more water. :) Mint & "nut" flavors for espresso drinks, and orgeat for MAI TAI'S!

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        The nearest BevMo is 1250+ miles away from this regional board.

      2. Lunds carries a few of the more "vanilla" flavors (including vanilla, I believe). We buy raspberry syrup there. Haven't seen orgeat, but will see if they have it. I know they have at least one nut flavor, but think it was hazelnut.

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          Kowalski's on Grand Avenue, too. It's in the front of the store.


        2. I was at the World Market in Roseville a couple weeks ago and they had Orgeat then.

          1. Hmm. Went up to the Cost Plus in Roseville. Yes, they have a lot of Torani syrups, but no Orgeat. They had something called Almond Roca, which looked interesting but it was sugar-free so I passed. (I did pick up a bottle of Torani Raspberry so it wasn't a wasted trip.) Guess I'll try Kowalski's.

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              Call first to make sure they have orgeat. Better safe than sorry!


            2. Where's the Orgeat? Not at Kowalski's on Grand. They have other small bottles of Torani, but not as big a selection as World Market. So, I am still looking...

              1. If you don't require the Torani brand, you can find orgeat at well-stocked liquor stores around town. I've bought it at Surdyk's. And it's lovely stuff - well worth seeking out!