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Oct 1, 2013 03:58 PM

Solo Chinese Kitchen

Anyone been there yet and care to offer up a review?

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  1. planning on going this weekend - will post more info afterwards

    1. I just went yesterday. I thought the food was very good. Flavors were great, portion size was good (wife and I split all our dishes), food tasted fresh. One of our appetizers wasn't heated all the way through but still tasted very good. Was probably the best chinese food I've had before but that's not saying much since I rarely eat chinese food (most of the chinese restaurants aren't appealing to me for various reasons). Not sure I'd go back in future though. Not because because of any specific problems but just because do I really need to spend $100 on very good chinese food that didn't seem particularly special or interesting? I also wonder about their business model. I remember Solo in its heyday and it was always packed every time I was there. Maybe I went on off day or off time but it seemed relatively empty yesterday (maybe 6 tables or so filled). Other problem is ticket size. At original Solo my tickets (for 2 diners) seemed to hover around 200+ vs 100 at Solo Chinese and we ordered plenty of food two apps, two mains, a side and some drinks. Place doesn't have the same ambience as the original Solo, just seemed overall like a less elegant place (eg cheap napkins in the bathrooms). But I do hope they make it because next time I'm in the mood for chinese food they would be my go-to place place for it.

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        Is it "typical" Chinese food that you would find at any kosher Chinese place--e.g. lo mein, sesame chicken, stir fries with beef, etc.? Or is it upscale cuisine made with Asian flavors? Or is it authentic Asian food that hasn't been done at a kosher restaurant before?

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          You can see the menu here:

          It ain't authentic, whatever else it might be. It looks to me like an upscale version of typical American-Chinese kosher takeout.

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            Right, it's upscale version of typical American-Chinese kosher. Everything I had was very good.

            1. re: Dfood10

              I used to know a guy who worked as the mashgiach in the local kosher Chinese place (which was somewhat better than most- but, still..) . And this mashgiach had this incredibly annoying habit of describing the amazing food that the chef served at staff meals in mouth-watering detail...