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Oct 1, 2013 01:15 PM

North Shore recommendations needed, please

We will be visiting on the North Shore (Deerfield/Highland Park/Northbrook) around Thanksgiving time. Looking for nice restaurants to connect with former friends and neighbors. Haven't been back to this area in about 7 years. Used to eat at Walker Bros Pancake House, Country Kitchen, Stash's, Max's, Max & Benny's, nicer places for dinner. Looking for places to suggest for lunch and dinner. Thanks!

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    1. re: backatcha

      Suburban foodie friends rave about Inovasi in Lake Bluff; I have not been.

    2. Guildhall in Glencoe is quite good.
      In Highland Park, I'm partial to the Mexican food at La Casa de Isaac. (The family is from the Jewish quarter of Mexico City, so they are closed on Friday nights.)

      1. Abigail's is pretty much the best place in that area, imho. Bluegrass is ok, though the menu feels all over the place. Abigail's is only open for dinner and doesn't take reservations, but haven't seen it be that busy since the Ravinia season ended.

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        1. re: chetatkinsdiet

          Blugrass, while sweeping a bit broadly in its menu offerings, is a pretty comfortable place to hang out with family. It's not fine dining but they execute competently and the last time we were there, with about a dozen family members of varied ages/tastes, everyone seemed to be happy.

          1. re: ferret

            I just find their food to be pretty bland and expensive for what it is. It's certainly ok, but nothing particularly special.

          2. re: chetatkinsdiet

            Abigails is great for lunch. Here is a link to their lunch menu.

          3. I would also check out Near in Barrington for dinner. If you're willing to travel further, Evanston has some good options.

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            1. re: travelingfoodie22

              Thanks but Barrington is about 45 min from HP and Deerfield, if we are going to travel that far, we might as well go into the city.

              1. re: Diane in Bexley

                Had a nice dinner at Bobby's in Deerfield last week. The service was great and the food was very nice. The menu meanders a bit, but it was perfect for early dinner with parents and kids. What I would call casual fine dining. The mussels and loaded fries were very tasty, the fish special was quite nice and overall everyone was happy. The chef is a bit heavy handed with his olive oil but nothing over the top greasy.

            2. I would second the recommendation on Guildhall, particularly if you are working with a larger group that needs accommodation and if you are trying to appeal to straightforward palates. However if you are looking for a closer approximation of flavor and quality that you would get in Chicago and are willing to drive to Evanston, I would suggest Found Kitchen.