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Oct 1, 2013 12:46 PM

Small (tiny) wedding dinner in Downtown Mpls

Hi, my partner and I are getting married at the Mpls courthouse on Friday at 4:30 and we're looking for a place for dinner for 5 adults and 3 kids (all 9 yrs old). I'd love to go to Restaurant Alma, but I don't think it'd work for the kids. Is it possible to find a nice place that is kid-friendly. We thought we'd go for drinks and apps beforehand somewhere else (Ike's?). I don't like Melting Pot, but I wondered about Hell's Kitchen. I'd love to hear suggestions. Most of us are vegetarian, but that's usually no obstacle. Thanks!

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  1. Hell's Kitchen is great, but always noisy it seems. If you are in the mood for conversation, probably not the best choice. It would be fine for kids, actually kind of like that it's noisy cause if my toddler has a melt down, it's hard to hear.

    I love Haute Dish over on Washington Ave. It would be a couple of blocks away, but the food is always great, and they are veggie friendly. It won't help you for friday, but they do an all vegetarian tasting menu for Sunday dinner, YUM.

    1. Alma might work for kids. Ask them. They have been great......

      1. I would consider Masa on Nicollet Mall. It is Mexican, but not Tex-Mex. The food is very good, plenty of veggie stuff, the cocktails are killer, and if all else fails the kids can eat chips and guacamole. The space is lovely as well.

        Zelo would also work. It is Italian. The food is never A+, but it is almost always B+, and the menu is large. Plenty of pasta and pizzas for the kids. The Walleye MIlanese is good, and the sausage lasagna is really good.

        1. Saffron might be a good option - a little less formal than Alma, but still has a "special occasion" feel. I think the food is delicious and they have many vegetarian options.

          1. Red Stag Supperclub has some kid-friendly options.