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Oct 1, 2013 12:37 PM

Hardee's Northeast expansion to start in New Jersey


I don't know that anyone's exactly clamoring for another fast food burger chain. I've never been to one. Anyone here like them?

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  1. Back when Roy Rodgers was around, I enjoyed their Double R Burger and Pappy Parker's Fried Chicken on occasion. When Hardee's took over ownership, it changed drastically for the worse.

    Based on recommendation on this board, the Biscuit offered for Breakfast was very good. When driving south last Fall I made a point of giving it a try to see for myself. While I thought the opinion was accurate for the biscuit...the Sausage patty used was not very good which I ordered along with it.

    I have not been to the West Cost in a few years....but Hardee's and Carl Jr's have been snubbing the nose of the establishment and food police with their bold offerings. The last time I was in California, I gave their outrageous burger offering a try....not bad at the end of the night of over indulgence....but certainly not the best burger option during the day.

    1. Roy Rogers fried chicken was the best.

      1. Yes, absolutely fast food. I haven't been to a Hardee's in almost 30 years. I don't know about there recent model/offerings, but from what I gather, simple, straight-forward, typical fast-food.

        That said, last time I went, they had them in the Philly area. I never really understood the (almost) hatred I see/read about a fast-food place. The viceral "I wouldn't feed it to my dog" or "I'd starve before I ate there" type of comments don't really make a lot of sense to me. Not that they have to, LOL. What I mean is, you don't like it, great, don't go. But extreme?

        I also don't get the "XYZ (fast food place) stinks! I would go to ABC for their Kobe beef, truffled infused, gold flaked burger (for $48, LOL, yes, I am being extreme for the dramatic)". Meaning, I often see people compare and comment between a fast-food place and something very different.

        So, Hardee's -- it was just fast-food. For fast-food, I liked others better, but I don't frequent fast-food places. If they opened around here, sure, I'd give it a shot.

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          Ditto on fast food being fast food, not gourmet cuisine. (At least with fast food, one doesn't end up in places with *pretensions* to gourmet cuisine which are not lived up to.)

          Hardee's selling point was charcoal-broiling (which may be cancer-causing, but not much if you eating only a couple a year).

          In any case, one may find oneself somewhere where the only choices are fast-food. A while ago on a cross-country vacation one time we had avoided chains as being something we could get anytime, but in West Branch, Iowa, we found our choices were pretty much McDonald's or starve. (Even the grocery store had next to nothing--the only cheese they had was American slices!)

        2. Hardee's isn't bad at all (for what it is)

          1. Back in the early 80's when I ate fast food practically on a daily basis, I spent a few years in Florida and found Hardees to be a nice change from the BK's and McD's that I grew up with. - I mostly liked their mushroom and swiss burger for lunch and dinner and their biscuits for breakfast. I also recall having a distinct opinion about their fries, but can't remember if it was good or bad.

            That said, since I now eat fast food about once a decade, I'm not sure it would be my first choice. These days when I "fall off the burger wagon" I usually lean towards BK or Wendy's......although my bucket list does contain "at least one more Big Mac".

            Bottom line is, in terms of new options, I think (from what I've heard) I'd enjoy having a Sonic in the area instead of Hardees.

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            1. re: Bryan Pepperseed

              Yes, nice change. Absolutely. And you are right -- their biscuits! I remember them, LOL.

              Once a decade huh? LOL.

              We have a couple of Sonic's in the area. I did stop at one and it was a "nice change" from the go-to Wendy's option. I like my burgers, but fast food is not a regular thing for me.

              I am crazing a Roy Rogers though. LOL.