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Oct 1, 2013 12:33 PM

Food for a Cambridge Birthday Party

I'm looking to get some food for my kid's 3 year old birthday party. I don't want to spend a ton, but I want good food.

It doesn't need to be "kids' food" my kid will eat anything, but I guess it shouldn't be too out there so the other parents don't complain. Last year, I ordered platters from Sofreh and that was a big hit. I'd like to do something similar this year. I'd love suggestions.

Also, I apologize if there have been similar postings before but I couldn't find any.

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  1. how many people? price point? mostly kids? are the other kids willing to eat about anything too?

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    1. re: hotoynoodle

      ~20 people
      Less than $300
      Heavy appetizers or light dinnerish type fare
      Kids can eating just about anything

    2. I've had good success with Vicki Lee's, in Belmont. They make several varieties of lavash roll up sandwiches, which they cut into slices. You can put out platters of the sandwiches and some salads or other sides, likely within your budget.

        1. i know it's somerville, but they deliver, so what about redbones?

          1. I would have suggested Sofra, but I'd guess that's what you're referring to?