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Oct 1, 2013 12:24 PM

How to prepare cod for fishcakes?

I have fresh (not preserved in salt, just frozen) cod fillets and I've tried them fried with a cornmeal crust and also simmered with olives and tomatoes. I'd like to next make codfish cakes with mashed potato. These aren't like crab cakes, with chunks of fish. The cod is almost lost in the potato texture. Is it pounded or shredded in a certain way?

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  1. You want salt cod for fishcakes. Fresh cod is too soft, and won't shred up to characteristic fishcake consistency.

    1. Hi, I have and do make fish cakes with fresh cod (cooked first) it's kinda of a I have left over fish now what? kinda dish. Left over cooked potatoes are the other half of the equation.
      One beaten egg, finely diced onions, salt and pepper. Combine cooked fish, cooked mashed potatoes, as much egg as need to bind, salt, pepper and onions. Form into patties and dust them in flour then fry in butter until golden brown and crisp. An old basic recipe, just like moms :)

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        This is what I'd like to try, but how is the fish cooked and cut since I don't have salt cod? Thank you.

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          Opps sorry about that. You can bake the fillets in the oven 350 or pan fry them over low/med heat. A little salt and pepper and a small amount of oil should be all you need.Try not to over cook them, they should flake easily with a fork - there is most likely 'a formula' on line, that will tell you how long to cook a fillet depending on the weight. (Since I can't see how much you have) When they are cool assemble into fish cakes, just break the fish into pieces with a fork and add the other ingredients.
          Hope that helps :)

      2. Probably too late now but for future reference, you don't have to bake or fry the fish first, just add a small amount of liquid to a skillet or saucepan and add the fish. Simmer a few minutes until fish falls apart. Cool enough to handle.

        For the fishcakes you are describing, just add the fish and the mashed potatoes to a mixing bowl and use a mixer to break up the mixture to the consistency you're describing, which is like a fish mashed potato. Chill the mixture then form the patties and cook in a little olive oil in a non stick skillet.