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Oct 1, 2013 11:20 AM

Best Chicken and Waffles in LA

I love Roscoes, but I want to expand my Chicken and waffles horizons. It seems like quite a few restaurants have decided to do their own spin on this dish. which ones are worth trying?

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  1. It's probably not very traditional but I like Bru's Wiffle in SM. They're opening a second location somewhere, Century City maybe.

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    1. re: PeterCC

      I think they have a great waffle and the chicken is good, but it bothers me that they only use boneless skinless chicken breast for their fried chicken.

      1. re: PeterCC

        I saw the location while jogging to work yesterday. It's on Santa Monica Blvd, west of Century City (on that block east of Overland w/ the Chase).

        Roscoe's is decent, but nowhere near the best IMO. I prefer my fried chicken w/ more fried chicken instead of waffles anyways.

        Also, look forward to trying Pann's once my office relocates nearby.

        1. re: chrishei

          what is the best in your opinion?

          1. re: skylerokey

            Maybe Wood & Vine's, but it's been too long...

            Heard The Tasting Kitchen's is very good BTW.

          2. re: chrishei

            No more Shunji's for lunch for you in that case.

            1. re: kevin

              Yeah I might have to get some more lunches in before the end of the month. Shunji-san tried to justify the drive from Culver City though: "if it's less than 15 minutes, no problem!"

              1. re: chrishei

                I thought your office was near Pann's. If you are relocating to Culver City that's still quite a trek unless it's that part of Culver City on Centinela hedging closer to Pann's.

                You can go from Overland and Washington to Shunjis possibly within 15 minutes. But with my driving it would be a serious stretch. And the trek would amount to more like 25 minutes for me.

                1. re: kevin

                  From Overland and Washington it's no more than 10 minutes to Shunji's and about the same time to Pann's (even though Pann's is a bit further in terms of distance).

                  1. re: kevin

                    It's going to be near Pann's - next to the Westfield Culver City mall. I don't think Shunji's will be an reasonable option for a regular lunch.

                    1. re: chrishei

                      According to Google Maps, it should take < 10 minutes to get to Shunji from Fox Hills Mall and < 15 minutes to get back, around lunch time on weekdays...

                      1. re: PeterCC

                        Those are fantasy drive times, the area around westchester/fox hills/culver city. Can be a real cluster f... getting to that pico/bundy area where Shunji is; even if you know the area well.

                        Okay so it's not always that bad, but it can be a high blood pressure drive IME driving that way often

                        1. re: AAQjr

                          Unless due to construction or accident, I've found the 10/405 area quite quick to get around in during weekday lunchtimes, but yeah you never know when it could turn into a cluster...fluster. :-)

                          1. re: PeterCC

                            YMMV and all that but it would regularly take me 45+ to get to the SMFM from la tijera/405 around 11am by freeway. Which granted is a bit farther, but traffic usually clears up after Centenela. Eventually I switched to just taking the streets.

                            You do find the best routes by experience but I wouldn't push it if I was on a strict lunch break. The path of least resistence would be Panns or the Culver City area IMO

          3. Bouchon

            (And I suppose I would be remiss if I didn't mention The Gangjung -- in honor of DotM -- where you can get Korean fried chicken and "Korean waffles" (aka rice cakes)).

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            1. re: ipsedixit

              Sorry, not a fan of The Gangjung. The chicken was really bland.

              1. No spin, pure southern fried goodness:
                R&J Southern Home Cooking, Downey.

                A not very good photo here:

                Of if you're in Watts, Watts Coffee House. $15 for half a fried chicken + 3 waffles, ie., "Breasts and all the rest."

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                1. re: TonyC

                  Got an address for Watt's Coffee House ????

                  Thanks man.

                  1. re: kevin

                    Watts Coffee House
                    1827 E 103rd St Los Angeles 90002
                    Closed Mondays
                    Tues- Fri Hours 8am-3pm
                    Sat 8am-1pm
                    Sun 10-4pm

                    Nice story on them in LA Times at this link:

                    1. re: wienermobile

                      The Watts Towers should be nearby.

                      That makes for some great one-stop shopping.

                      1. re: kevin

                        If you are really hungry try their breakfast special with a fried chicken wing, a salmon croquette, a pork chop, a hot link, four eggs, smothered potatoes and grits only $13.99!

                  2. re: TonyC

                    i have to go see my accountant in downey tomorrow and pay him $ for figuring out creative tax writeoffs. where is R&J? i might check it out.

                      1. re: barryc

                        and its dinner menu:

                        surprisingly amount of good eats in Downey. There's also an al vapor taco shack that is abfab.

                        1. re: TonyC

                          thanks. my accountant is actually pretty close to a peruvian place someone else recommended: ceviche del rey

                          opines, anyone?

                          1. re: barryc

                            I much prefer the deli with the 30 taps next to del rey:

                            Which also serves as the perfect pre-game for El Coralense since they canceled their BYOB:

                            I'm actually headed to Uncle Henry's right... now.

                            1. re: TonyC

                              To watch the game ?

                              How do the 30 taps crank up against the West LA joints ????

                              1. re: TonyC

                                i went to R-J's. was abandoned by my lunch companion at the last minute. so i ordered two lunch specials and ate them myself:

                                1) fried chicken & potato salad $4.99. they definitely do their crust right, although one piece was primarily crust and was closer to shen yang's cumin chicken bone when it came to amount of actual meat. but the other piece was a drumstick that bigger than a lot of chicken thighs i've been served. the potato salad was good where the potatoes had been cooked through entirely.

                                2) boudain and a side $5.99. a boudain is a rice sausage, that's kind of a spicy cross between a british banger and a chinese lo mai gai (lotus leaf wrapped rice) in the way that a bun is superfluous. knowing that wouldn't have stopped me from ordering mac & cheese as my side, but it resulted in a massive carbo load that my pancreas is struggling to deal with even as i type this.

                                1. re: barryc

                                  are the two lunch specials small ?

                                  5 bucks a fucking pop for each one is not half bad.

                                  1. re: kevin

                                    i forgot to include pics

                                    like i said, one piece of chicken was rather small and almost devoid of meat, but the drumstick size compensated for that somewhat.

                                    that serving of mac & cheese was fairly rich

                                    1. re: barryc

                                      From the pictures, it still looks good.

                                      When I go there, I will have to order two lunches too.

                                      Any clue if they happen to have banana pudding or any good desserts on the menu ?

                                      This is a tonyc rec'd joint, correcto ?

                                      1. re: kevin

                                        and given a wolverine stamp of approval.

                        2. re: TonyC

                          I love the fried catfish at R&J

                          1. re: yoyo

                            OMG. Someone else has been? Finally!?!? (besides BarryC)

                            You made my day.

                            1. re: TonyC

                              Tony what about Nellies Soul Food near Randall's ??????

                              1. re: kevin

                                You tell us.

                                In that immediate area, I just end up at Carolyn's like everyone else.

                            1. re: kevin

                              Pann's is the favorite f my children. Though you need to keep in mind that they have wings only with waffles and not the half chicken of some other places.

                              Pann's is also great for the original googie architecture. Also if you want to see serious fur in LA go to Pann's on mother's day.

                              1. re: quielo

                                I think wings are actually the ideal piece of bird to serve with waffles. White meat and not too much, so you get the right ratio of chicken to waffle.

                                Oh, on Mother's Day, good luck getting a seat!