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Oct 1, 2013 09:53 AM

Hidden deals at pretty excellent restaurants?

At the risk of getting all the furor of elitist chowhound a thrown at me, who don't believe you should discuss price, please share your boston area deals in unexpected places. It is a given that the rec is more than worth the money. I'll start $13 lunch plate at shiki in brookline. Yes the smallest is more than enough food and a nicely balanced lunch. The fried chicken is accompanied by sour vegetable and fish pickles along with pressed sushi and vegetables. Their lovely udon soup is on the side. One would not expect such a lovely meal for that price. Yours?

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  1. I've been active on chowhound for longer than most and don't recall a single discussion in which someone suggested that we shouldn't discuss price.

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    1. re: Blumie

      I've been flamed a number of times for pointing out deals - as in if I'm discussing the price as a positive quality there must not be others. Kind of like saying a prospective blind date is " nice". Seems to work ok in the context of "not worth the price" but not as as a positive selling point. Even though it's clear it must be a chowish find to be discussed here.
      And I've been here a long time too.

      1. re: fara

        Can you give examples? Not doubting it happened, just curious of the context.

        1. re: mkfisher

          Yes, I was about to ask the same thing.

          1. re: Allstonian

            The last one I remember was based on my comment that a particular sushi place in Raleigh nc was good AND had 2 for 1 maki deals. It was a pretty hard dis, and pretty unfair considering my toddler at the time consumed expensive quantities of maki.

            1. re: fara

              A toddler with a maki addiction sounds like a good parenting problem to have.

              On that subject, the lunch deals at Oishii CH are really fantastic. The sashimi lunch is $18, but it can feed two people. Is comes 15 pieces of sashimi (usually maguro, sake and hamachi) if ordering thinly sliced (otherwise it is 9 too big pieces), with salad, miso and fruit (usually pineapple) for dessert. I'm sure they have maki centric boxes as well.

              1. re: fara

                I guess my question should have been a little clearer. Can you give an example of it happening on the Boston board?

                1. re: mkfisher

                  It is just an impression. Maybe I'm wrong? However I don't remember seeing a lot of people searching by best "deal". But again, could be wrong. In any case, let's move on?

                  1. re: fara

                    Fine with moving on. Just seems curious to post a statement like that with no real evidence other than a 4 year old thread from a board that covers a separate part of the country.

                    I would say that the reason you don't see people searching for the best deal is what makes Chowhound great. If someone says they want a great deal, we're going to ask them to be more specific. What type of food? What neighborhood? How exactly do you define a deal? We're fortunate to live in a city with a myriad of affordable options, so it's not as simple as you're making it.

        2. Fireplace Grill burger for lunch: great fries, excellent burger, loaded if you want it with good smoked bacon and good cheddar, kale chips on the side. $10 - 14 dollars depending on how much "extra" you want. I like the $10.00 model.