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Oct 1, 2013 09:48 AM

10th Annual Encuentro de Cocineras Tradicionales de Michoacán

CH friends, this weekend (October 4, 5, and 6) the 10th Annual Ecuentro de Cocineras Tradicionales de Michoacán will take place in Morelia, Michoacán. This event is what gave the impetus to UNESCO to name Mexico's cuisines as the only gastronomic intangible cultural heritage in the world. The award, based on the Michoacán paradigm (model) is explained here:

Some of you have attended this glorious weekend of food, conferences, and supremely important cultural significance. If you are in Mexico this week, please consider coming THIS year, for the 10th anniversary edition. As many as 50 master cooks--home cooks, not restaurant chefs--will present their finest dishes for judging--and more importantly, for you to eat! The Encuentro is all about traditional ingredients, traditional dishes, and traditions passed from generation to generation.

You are ALL invited! The cost is minimal and the pleasure is enormous. See you there!


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  1. I just got back from this event a few hours ago. I have only one word to describe it...AWESOME

    Anyone who is a serious student of Mexican cuisine needs to attend this event. Anyone who plain just likes to eat good food needs to attend this event. You kind of have to experience it full force in order to understand why it is so incredible.

    The dates for 2014 were announced yesterday and it'll be Oct. 3-5, 2014. You've got a year, plan now. Morelia is a gorgeous Mexican colonial city and the food at the encuentro is fantastic.